Horizontal router table plans

Wow what wonderful gig! Typically, the table is made to slide on two axes and the router is stationary. This is a bug in the Google Chrome browser. I am looking about a router table that can help me very much and I Find your Horizontal router table on the internet on The LunberJocks Forum.

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I've been using a horizontal router for about 10 years now. That's an excellent point regarding the slides. This is essentially a tabble slot mortising machine.

Horizontal router table for the slot mortiser

Fine Woodworking should be contacting him horizonhal future articles! A HUGE amount of work went into designing and building it, including 3D modeling, creating and testing prototypes, making changes and doing it all again Community Rules I may check with Rockler to see if they would be interested in making a kit. I am working with Dave Richards, of Design. Otherwise great option to the table ,thanks for the video.

There is tble a rule to keep track of total distance.

Homemade Horizontal Router Table

Sign In or Join Now! If good things come to those who wait A well-tuned machine makes woodworking safer and more accurate, and makes your shop time more enjoyable.

FineWoodworking Main Menu Subscribe. The Plans and Manual are available.

Thank you very much for sharing, this gives me new inspiration for maybe a future project! More GlueTube View All. Project by Peter Oxley.

Shop-Built Horizontal Router Table

I was building a craftsman style Deacons bench that needed 28 mortise and tenons joints. It is also easier to make repetitive cuts. Plans have been sent to six countries so far.

I plan to make all of this available as "donation ware" so that you can download and only make a contribution to the project if you feel it worthy. I dealt with this problem by building a carriage that rides on sliding dovetails some of my friends may recognize a trend here. I had the opportunity to see and use the HRT in person.

Precise Control There is a rule and cursor so that you can control the exact length of a mortise and get repeatable results. Featured Workshop Machine Setup with Matt Wajda and Ellen Kaspern A well-tuned machine makes woodworking safer and more accurate, and makes your shop time eouter enjoyable. Safe and secure transaction with full Paypal buyer protection. After adjusting the wrong direction several times, I labeled the hand-wheel.

By Matthew Kenney May 18, The cross-member can be adjusted up and down, but I never move it. I have sent tabls five sets of plans this week. Well done, should serve you well for horizonal long time! In fact, we've gotten a couple of designs over the years that use sealed bearing movements.

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