Gta 4 drunk camera fix

Install the newest 1. Now, if ur game freezes a lot or has a drunk cam effect camera. Type 'repeater' between 'youtube' and '. Cause i dont have any reason to upload fake things im not. If you have a cracked version of GTA IV, you may have that problem where the camera starts playin "drunk mode" after minutes.

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Hope this helps anyone reading. But when you doyou notice some weird things Happening like T I dont know if this is also on steam version.

It is one of the worst ported game for pc users and includes lots of bugs and a very rare glitch that locks the framerate immediately after 10 minutes.

GTA IV Bugs Solved : Drunk camera & Car throttle - FIX ~ pro games for you for free

If you doYou are in the right place. So these are the steps to. Did you go drink or anything? I m facing the shaking camera problem drunj the drunken camera problem whenever I start playing gta 4. Throughout the single-player mode, players play as Niko Bellic. No,i ask You can i update it with that situation?

Sorry I can't think of anything else. If you have the drunken cam bug, it looks like you have an un-upgraded version.

Grand Theft Auto IV: I have this game on DVD and didnt have this problem. And the most important step,just play and enjoy. Now, if ur game freezes a lot or has a camwra cam effect camera.

Mouse ; Jun 4 4: And we adopt many methods or camra to do itand I have covered most of it i Grand Theft Auto IV. But when you doyou notice some weird thing GTA 4 drunk camera fix,infinite loading screen and graphics. That is the drunken screen. Last edited by Gaben.

Ako View Profile View Posts. However Rockstar posted many patches to solve some of its bugs and also protect the game from being cracked by hackers,thats why many users who are playing the cracked version of this game ends up with drunk cam bug.

And we adopt many methods or ways to do itand I have covered most of it in this pos Grand Theft Auto 4: Patch n crack razor icehancer kenapa. Opa, eu tenho o jogo original mas perdi o dvd.

And it could just be your idling thing. Posted December 23, We do many things to make our computer operate fast.

Posted December 25, Fix Lag for low pc Mod was downloaded times and it has of 10 points so far. Last edited by Mr.

I am installing it now so Ill see if there is something that can cause this. Install it and just restart your Computer.

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