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Cloud lookup enabled - Easy Clean now contacts our 'cloud-based' servers for the latest information about known threats, making installation lighter and response time faster. F-Secure Easy Clean 2. May 16th, Freeware.

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Click to load comments. Upon process ending, F-Secure Easy Clean provides you with the results that may vary from no detections thus no involved cleaning operations to hundreds and thousands of detections exsy can make the overall process last for a few hours.

Things totally change after the restart, as F-Secure Easy Clean presents a progress percentage as well as the files that are being currently scanned.

Cloud lookup enabled - Easy Clean now contacts our 'cloud-based' servers for the latest information about known threats, making installation lighter and response time faster. V-secure Easy Clean provides you with a small yet comprehensive tool that comes in aesy handy when trying to scan your system for malware as well as spyware code impeding the good functionality of your Windows environment. Smaller installation size - The latest Easy Clean build is only 4MB in size, making it easier and faster to download and install.

While this may take a while, the application makes sure that no other process has started, thus the operation can comfortably mind its own business by detecting and cleaning any trace of malware or spyware code.

Once you start the application, a brief description of the program welcomes you alongside a few recommendations including closing clwan other applications and your antivirus shield, in case you have one.

F-Secure support tools | F-Secure

New in F-Secure Easy Clean 1. The F-Secure Security software is the only protection solution that is automatically stopped in order for the application to run smoothly and deliver the best results. For improved, on-the-fly protection, we recommend that you make sure the system runs an antivirus solution. All in all, F-Secure Easy Clean can be seen as a pretty handy tool that does not require much user intervention, taking care of potential malware and spyware through automatic operations.

F-Secure Easy Clean 2.

May 16th, Freeware. Read the full changelog. Beware, though, that F-Secure Easy Clean does not cover a vast array of infected code as its only point is to clean your PC of the most common infestations.

F-Secure Easy Clean immediately starts scanning your PC as soon as you pass the license agreement screen and does not display much information regarding the files it currently works with or any estimation of time left. Will help you detect and remove malware from an infected computer.

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