Elite force ii

All energy-based weapons can be recharged using terminals while projectile-based weapons need to be supplied with appropriate ammo. Description of Star Trek: The only bad thing I can say about it was your team AI. More interactive door hacking of different kinds, more computer hacking, more file retrieval?

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A student of Lieutenant Munro's Small Arms Tactics course, Korban was impressed by Munro and the idea of the Hazard Team seeing his recommendation for the assignment as a great honor.

Now about the graphics, the models are all very high-res, and so are the textures For a game that was made in but they are made to look almost comic-like, instead of realistic. No word on if that will happen.

During the mission "Mercenaries", a male Andorian and a female Klingon can be overheard negotiating for transport with a Human freighter captain in the bar on the Klingon station. Once you make it back to Starfleet Academy, the headmaster decides to split up the hazard team and assigns each elite soldier to relatively menial duties. Although she ui a full BetazoidJuilet Jurot attended the Vulcan Science Academy where she learned to train her mental and telepathic powers.

Games: Star Trek Elite Force II

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Star Trek: Elite Force 2

By Metascore By user score. The Elder Scrolls Online: June 24, NA: Knowing I can scan things is cool. I love the first one with a passion but ofrce is something about this second one that seems a little off.

In one type of puzzle you have to match two waveforms by modulating amplitude, frequency, and period. The final battle takes place in the Romulan Neutral Zone. Recent Articles Strategic Command: However, when the informant declares her true allegiance to the Empty Crown, a fight ensues.

Published on May 26, Split up and posted to different assignments, the members of the Hazard Team return to their normal everyday duties. As expected, these modes are playable online and via LAN, but also offline via bots!

Retrospective - Star Trek: Elite Force II

It gets pretty good and ultimately introduces some interesting concepts, dropping the Enterprise into precarious but never truly outlandish circumstances we need to stop this giant blob from destroying the universe with its mutated eggs or whatever the hell the first was about. The Next Generation as Korban; J. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your fore. The version that is uploaded is the same used to make the screenshots.

Combat retains the feel of the first Elite Force, which is either good or bad depending on how okay you are with slower-than-light-speed projectiles, and a near total absence of visceral feedback. Enterprise and a Klingon D One person found this helpful. Jean-Luc Picard looks small and lonely. Front to back, with a few mind numbing gooey portions in the middle that should be spat into a napkin aside, EFII is a solid, fast, but always dumb action romp.

In Elite Force IIthe main protagonist makes his way through linear and strictly defined levels, encountering various kinds of hostile creatures along the way.

Read reviews that mention elite force hazard team trek elite jedi knight much better single player capture the flag captain picard sound effects quake3 engine trek fans original elite great game graphics and sound trek fan graphics card feel like graphics were much good game best game.

Published on January 19, It's an older game, but the graphics, sound, dialog, and game play have held-up well over time.

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