Diablo 2 lod 1.10 patch

Valkyries are no longer treated as monsters and erroneously assigned additional Life in Nightmare and Hell difficulties. The Skill Tree levels are now displayed properly when a player equips both a non-melee item that boosts all character class skills along with a weapon that boosts an individual skill. Sanctuary - Increased Magic Damage. Mana potions are now sold by some shopkeepers. A player character standing on a player corpse is no longer immune to missiles.

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A class of bugs that had reduced the effectiveness of alternating weapon attacks when equipped with two weapons has been fixed, including the various dual-claw Assassin attacks. Blizzard - Increased Cold Damage. Characters with extremely fast attack speeds no longer erroneously miss their targets. Plague Javelin - Added an Attack Rating bonus. Bone Spirit - Increased Magic Damage.

The Arreat Summit - Diablo II Patch Beta

Bone Wall - Cut duration in half. Posted March 19, patdh The health bar of a Flayer knocked from his Flayer Shaman now 110. Blessed Aim - Increased area of effect. Message log scrolling is now more responsive. Bone Armor - Added skill synergy bonuses. Repeated use of Shockwave no longer sounds too loud. Items granting skills bestow a lower skill level to those character classes who have the skill in their tree.

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Also removed the skill cap from Act III hirelings. Summonables except for Revived monsters and pets that don't attack or defend -- e. Quest items are automatically identified when they drop. Lightning Bolt - Increased Lightning Damage. Cold Mastery and elemental piercing have been changed to a constant amount.

Nova - Increased Lightning Damage. Wake of Fire - Increased damage. Its lack of effect upon player characters and unique monsters remains unchanged.

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Energy Shield now works as intended. Twister - Increased damage at higher levels.

Posted March 21, Heart of Wolverine - Increased radius of effect. Thus, 4 Eth Runes reduce the target Defense to zero. Cut Experience and reduced drops in the Cow level.

Auto-targeting skills 1.100 assigned to the left mouse-button no longer repeatedly cast, if one is holding the button down to move.

A player may have up to 15 corpses now.

Increased Healing to non-monster characters. Clvl 1 -- Ignores resistances of Undead and Demons. Allowed casting of Armageddon.

Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction v1.10 Patch (Final)

Due to the size of the 1. Hand-picking the best in gaming. One can no longer enter Town Portals to areas beyond dizblo "blocking quests" without having completed those quests:

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