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Thankfully those five were terrific, flush with beautiful imagery, much of it captured and cultivated by professional photographers, talented artists and enthusiasts of eclectic cultural miscellany. Maybe some crumpled up paper? You can create similar symmetry by creating one image, then flipping it over and lining it up to match. The handlettering and the placement of the text creates an almost stamp-like illustration.

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The light emanating from the desk lamp warms up the central area of the image, and reveals a nice texture. Three simple color palettes to use when designing. To create a wallpaper with staggered text, choose your favorite font. This wallpaper features a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

bbeautiful The flow of color brings all of the text together, and helps make it stand out against the plain backdrop. It appears to be a little snapshot of his workplace, carefully arranged so that the work is central, surrounded by the tools that helped create it. This wallpaper was created by a designer famous for handlettering, and that is shown incredibly well.

The list I compiled in October highlighted just five sites, and I had to scour the place to drum that many up. The entirety of this wallpaper is very abstract and random. Choose a few colors, make a few shapes, and play around with arranging them on the page in a carefree, random manner. The colors are incredibly simple and bright almost strictly a primary color paletteyet still convey the message in an un-juvenile way.

To make one for yourself, choose beautifup beautiful photograph, add your favorite quote, and select a color similar to a color in the background to set it apart. Without words, we understand what the message is, and it truly makes a statement without needing to be overly detailed.

60 Beautiful High-Resolution Desktop Wallpapers

The colors are muted, yet still warm and pleasant — an indicator of the heat of summer to come. The month is handlettered in bright red, suggesting the heat we feel during one of the hottest months of summer. This wallpaper is playful, and even a little tongue in cheek. The thin box surrounding the text helps to separate it from the image, and creates interesting overlap. Centralizing the circle cropped image gives you a place to focus, and inside the image are flickers of light, which represent glimmers of hope.

The subtle blue texture in the background helps to give weight to the shapes, and brings them down to earth. This wallpaper takes a quote and turns it into something more. The font is light and whimsical, which pairs perfectly with its message. The pattern of the carefully arranged stones brings a sense of peace, yet it is unclear why they are arranged in this way. The curves of the font help to break up the roughness, and add in a much needed softness. The background of this wallpaper image is understated, yet still important with its paint-like strokes.

This wallpaper uses different shapes of varying line weights to create a geometrically patterned composition. Wallify is a collection of thousands of beautiful HD wallpapers, every image has been handpicked by our team so you will see only best and HD wallpapers in this app. They help to ground the intricately illustrated text, and the rich golden yellows balance the deep dependability of the blue.

Thankfully those five were terrific, flush with beautiful imagery, much of it captured and cultivated by professional photographers, talented artists and enthusiasts of eclectic cultural miscellany. Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds. This bright and cheery wallpaper pairs textural text with a textural background, but keeps it from getting too gritty with bright, sunrise inspired colors.

Consider what you want your message to be, and think of a number of objects that can portray that, then, put two of them together that fit.

What sets this one apart, however, is the contrast of the black and white image of the woman with the color in the rest of the waklpapers. You can start anywhere, just make sure you start — even if the idea is as simple as a paperclip.

50 beautiful free wallpapers for creatives [ edition] – Learn

What makes it unique, though, is the watercolor texture enclosed in each circle. This beautiful wallpaper takes lovely plants and flowers and arranges them on a simple, white background.

The dark walllapers helps to ground the bright oranges, and provides a nice contrast with the light background. The entire message is to continuing moving forward and to not give up.

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