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Regarding the focus of this research, it is observed that the only reference that the previous version of ISO ABNT, related to strategies was in the introductory part, which mentioned:. Evolution of strategic thinking Source: Regarding the focus of this research, it is observed that the only reference that the previous version of ISO ABNT, related to strategies was in the introductory part, which mentioned:

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This is because organizations look for extensions of strategy that leverage the existing system of activities in order to create services or specifications that rivals consider to be impossible to combat on individual performance bases Porter, Soon after the creation of ISO, the US Department of Defense developed a standardization system called Quality Assurance, hbr which the organizations involved established procedures to manage all the functions that affected the quality of the manufactured products.

In this context, it is possible to notice a great approximation between Quality Management and Strategic Management.

In this way, quality management assists strategy management and vice versa, since quality favors the synchronization of 90001 and competition strategies, particularly in terms of strategic performance objectives of operational environments Garvin, Consultado em janeiro abnh Now, strategy as a position is a means of locating an organization within the relations of environment, be it internal or external.

The purpose of this standard is to improve the organization's performance, customer other stakeholders satisfaction.

As the standard becomes less prescriptive, this consequence has been minimized. The second group is composed of six schools of descriptive nature. Evolution of strategic nbrr Source: Implementation of quality management system ISO in the world and its strategic necessity.

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nbbr Mintzberg, Ahlstrand and Lampel outlined the strategy trajectory applied to business practice and proposed the division into three groups according to their characteristics: Mintzberg, H et Quinn, J. In this sense, it was identified that this standard prescribes eight new requirements that involve the establishment of strategic management for companies that wish to have their QMS QMS certified.

Previously, in the version, QMS was viewed narrowly as a way to help organizations increase customer satisfaction.

Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol. These observations allow us to point out that the norm adopts elements of the classic, evolutionary and proceduralist approach, but it is still a failure in terms of the systemic approach: It is noted that the proceduralist approach was already part of the requirements of ISObecause it is based on organizational learning.

Thus, based on the strategy contexts adopted by Whittingtonit can be said that the new version of the standard adopts elements of the classical approach, since it is not only part of a rational and deliberate process, which believes in the planning for adaptation or anticipation of market changes, but also adopts the evolutionary approach: At this stage, the need for the publication of a new standard is verified.

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This study examines the new revision of the standard, published in Septemberwhich incorporates new strategic management nbg aimed at reorienting organizations and their QMS into their business operations. Academy of Management Review 19 3— The literature points out annt, for this nbrr, the expert panel is often composed of 10 to 50 members in a homogeneous group.

The perception they abnh is that strategy is restricted to top management and quality is better disseminated. It is suggested to carry out studies that can demonstrate empirically this relationship, after a considerable number of companies are certified in the new review.

The International Organization for Standardization was originated inwhen delegates from 25 countries met at the Institute of Civil Engineers in London and decided to create a new international organization "to facilitate international coordination and the unification of industrial standards" ISO, a.

It has been defined as the process by which managers, using a long-term projection, evaluate external environmental opportunities, as well as internal capacity and resources, in order to decide on goals and set of action plans to accomplish them. The objective of this article was to identify the implications for organizations currently certified in the certification process, with the insertion of new strategic management requirements in ISO Capitalising on ISO benefits for strategic results.

This group includes the entrepreneurial, cognitive, learning, power, cultural and environmental schools. In this way, organizations develop different traits in the strategy formation process because they differ, as well as the context in which they are inserted.

The definitions of strategy, as well as their classification and trajectory, are varied, but they are not exclusive - on the contrary, they complement each other, since it is perceived that in the literature Dess, Lumpkin, Eisner, the term "Strategy" has evolved into a discipline of management knowledge strategic managementwith content, concepts and practical reasons, conquering space in both the academic and corporate spheres.

As limitations, experts state that certified companies that do not have Strategic Management should invest more time in the preparation of their QMS, and that the speed of scenario changes may lead to successive revisions in the Quality Management System documentation.

The group of schools of prescriptive nature is formed by the schools of design, planning and positioning. This new review may start the process of forming a strategic culture, in which the Direction sees the long term and thinks about the positioning of the company in front of the environment, making everyone contribute to the strategy.

In general, the experts' analysis points out that the new version of the ISO standard leverages the degree of responsibility of certified companies and systematizes strategic management as a routine in certified companies, with the opportunity to create a culture of quality with a strong bond with the organization's strategy.

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