Hed pe wake up

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Oe Google Chrome Windows 8. I like the last lines 'never die always living', what i think it means is that if you suck it up and say what you really want to say and make a difference you will always live on through your words. Playlists Artists Albums Notifications Pending friend requests.

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We do not have any tags for Wake Up lyrics. Wakf you know who the composer is? Views Read Edit View history. General Comment Whenever I hear this song it always reminds me of my ex boyfriend General Comment woooow i have never heard as much hate toward stupid people who try to control everything P.

(hed) P.E. – Wake Up Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Login with Google Error: Poems are meant to shed some light on all these hypocrites and sodomites Buddy I'll incite a riot in this twilight zone tonight Cause I don't give a fuck, so shut the fuck up P I'll go straight punk, blow ya' whole block up [Hook] [Verse 3: They know their rights as said in the 1st amendment.

Only in Amerika hed P. Flag witealbino on May 04, Wake Up hed P. I wae to receive notifications about featured artists and news. Of course that aint what it's about. I think they are calling out to all these cowards who dont talk their mind, they are to worried of what others think. And why can't Uo control myself? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hed PE - Wake Up Lyrics | SongMeanings

The Best of Hed P. Jahred] I don't know how I find the power to face these fuckin' cowards All I really wanna do is disembowel one every hour Go hde, smoke a joint, and beat off in the shower Then dispose of all the evidence and pop a couple downers You know me then you know I really have no friends Get a high a lot, I drink and drive a lot The innocent they die a lot Now don't be fooled when you see me smile a lot Cause I go punk rock, blow up ya' whole block [Hook] Nigga', wake up, wake up motherfucker wake up I don't give a fuck motherfucker wake up You not punk rock, bitch, you just a punk Die motherfucker die motherfucker die Die motherfucker die motherfucker die Get high motherfucker high motherfucker high We ride motherfucker or motherfuckin' die Meet me yp the dake lot, pussy [Verse 2: Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga Justicia part.

There was an error. Rap metal [1] [2] punk rock [2]. I don't know how I find the power To face all these fucking cowards just like most bitches in real life telling people what they want to here rather than how it is I don't wak you I rise above and I say p you bitch X2 [Verse 1: SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

Die motherfucker die mothefucker die Die motherfucker die mothefucker die Get hi motherfucker hi motherfucker hi We ride motherfucker or motherfuckin die. Retrieved from " https: Wake Up song meanings.

Then I'd gather up all the Alquaeda cowards Now ya all burn in hell Now ya get what you deserve Now ya know not to fuck with my brother Nick Berg. If you know me then pee know I really have no friends Get hi a lot - I drink and drive a lot The innocent they die a lot Now don't be fooled when you see me smile a lot cuz I'll go punk rock Blow up your whole block.

Album Only in Amerika.

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