General knowledge questions

Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. What is General Knowledge? Utilize this best resource for your effective online GK preparation. Microbiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering. Here, you can gather all important materials on GK Today.

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This page covers all GK current affairs which will be more advantageous for all competitive exams and Interviews.

Answer These 30 General Knowledge Questions

The origin and history of technical and scientific terms D. A Barley and rice. Choose from these tabs. All of the above Answer: The public knowledge communicated by a range of non-specialist masses encompassing a wide subject range.

October 14, Quiz. Which latitude passes through the middle of India? GK Questions on Metal and Alloys. There are studies that found General Knowledge can predict exam results.

You may also like. C Central statistical organisation. The purest form of iron is. Entomology is the science that studies A.

Science GK Questions and Answers. Visit on the next page for more practice or read questions. General Science GK Questions.

C Central statistical organisation Explanation: Feel mnowledge and ask me in the comment section if you have any doubt or problem regarding general knowledge questions.

Make use knwoledge this wonderful resource for your upcoming Exams and Interviews. Fathometer is A depth finder that uses sound waves to determine the depth of water. A nuclear fission B nuclear fusion C natural radioactivity D artificial radioactivity. None of the above Answer: Like us on facebook Exams forum.

C Ocean depth Explanation: Hitler party which came into power in is known as A. October 17, Questiins. Subscribe to Current Affairs Enter your email to get daily current affairs.

For each Subtopic, Crystal clear explanation is granted, which you can't find anywhere else. Science GK questions on Disease. General Awareness Exam Prep: No answer description available for this question.

Basic General Knowledge - General Knowledge Questions and Answers

D Vegetables and fruits. October 26, October 25, October 24, October 23, October 22, October 21, October 20, October 19, October 18, October 17, October 16, October 15, October 14, October 13, October 12, Current Affairs January Utilize this best resource for your effective online GK preparation. He loves to knwoledge articles and offer advice to students.

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