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Type your search here:. At this point we'd like to extend a very special thanks to all who have supported the program over the years. If you're in the New York area on Nov 4th-5th please consider checking out the festival and saying hi!

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Your help, suggestions, and registrations have all been instrumental in getting Fraps vetsion the stage it is now and we hope you enjoy the latest release. When you want to save the action simply tap the capture hotkey and the recording will continue as normal including the previous 30 seconds of footage. There have been numerous improvements to the video capture engine with much smoother movies for high-end machines.

It's time to revisit the classics, Fraps can now capture color mode games!

Fraps - latest version free download

For those who prefer recording movies without the overlay on screen you will also find a separate indicator for video capture. So whether you want to record in x or go for HD p you now have the choice: Check here for scan results and additional info.

Please be aware that the minimum system requirements have changed in Fraps 3. New features and a new look! Timed benchmarks are a new feature automatically stops the benchmark after a fixed time period. We strongly recommend anyone who has updated to the latest version of Cersion to also install Fraps 2.

This is useful frxps people recording their microphone while using push-to-talk in their voice comms software. Simply select the No Cursor option to prevent the HW cursor from being saved in your film. Vista also includes a rewritten audio subsystem. For anyone interested in the convergence lxtest games and cinema this is THE event to attend and we look forward to seeing the year's best Machinima.

For video capture we're happy to announce the removal of resolution restrictions on multi-core systems.

This results in games always running with Single-GPU performance. Great for capturing high resolutions with smooth frame rates. We've added a new option to force lossless RGB compression to ensure that you always have the highest quality video output to work with. Fraps let you do all of this, and can even help you record you most exciting video game experiences by recording you as you perform those feats of heroic do-goodery.

We are happy to recommend you programs like Fraps that other users liked. Microsoft have just released a new service pack for Windows 7 and we've updated Fraps to support Windows 7 SP1.

Hardware mouse cursors are a feature in many modern games and you now have the ability to capture the screen with or without the cursor overlay. This major update adds a much requested feature to directly specify the video capture frame rate. Some common problems have been resolved so we recommend all users check the changelog and update to the latest version. Direct X 9 verson speeds have also improved so you'll notice benefits recording the latest games.

Windows XP or higher is also now required.

Fraps is now compatible with Windows 7 and the latest DirectX 11 games. Software similar to Fraps:. Download Fraps Latest version 3. All XP users should update to the latest version.

We've also taken advantage of the latest benefits in CPU and bus technology. Genericom Number of programs by Genericom: For Windows 7 and Vista we've added realtime sound mixing to lateat video recording so you can now capture both sides of the conversation! Some options unnecessarily confuse new users Inteface looks amateurish by modern standards.

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