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The first thing that you need to do after launching the application is to create a new flash card. Flaming or offending other users. Vendant Software Specializing in easy, efficient, fun flash card based learning software.

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You can indicate this by specifying a ReviewInterval attribute on the cards you are familiar with. Falsh can set the default font style for both front and back covers.

Back — The text on the back of the flash card. Rescore - If you accidentally select the wrong score, you can easily go back through recently reviewed flash cards to correct the score. Try to remember the back side of the card.

Flash Card Software for Windows and Windows Mobile

Easiest to use--works just like a stack of 3x5 index cards. A multiple-language setup is useful if you often send and receive documents in different languages. Before any cards are imported, the format of your file is verified. The Managee Text File Format is an advanced format. Please submit your review for Flash Card Manager.

Flash Card Manager 3. When you import cards as shown above, the scheduling system guesses your familiarity carf on your first score. Score Yourself When the back side of the card is shown, compare it to what you remembered when the back was hidden.

Efficient Maanager Method — Automatically schedules flash cards for review based on the latest memory and learning research. Open the exported text file using your favorite editor. Get Organized — Store tens or thousands of flash cards on your computer.

Flashcard Hero

One such editor is Microsoft WordPad. Creating New Flash Cards. View Menu Study Opens the Study window.

Fun — The automatic review scheduling system keeps you focused on the flash cards you need to practice, not the flash cards you already know.

Cards with a higher Introduction Order are introduced after cards with a lower Introduction Order.

Keyboard or mouse - You can select scores and move between using the mouse but the entire Study View can also be controlled by the four arrow keys on your keyboard. Therefore, it is recommended that you periodically export your flash card database with scheduling data and save a copy of the exported text file in a safe place. If you remembered correctly, give yourself a score of 1 or higher, depending on your confidence.

Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. Category — Different topics should be maintained in flasb categories. Here are the steps in more detail: Study History Flash Card Manager remembers the last twenty flash cards you have reviewed. The first row of the worksheet must be flash card attribute names.

Every time one is presented, you choose a score that indicates how well you know it.

How to add or change the input language: It managre with some text formatting options, you can change the font and text size if you want. About This menu command displays information about Flash Card Manager. How it works - Flash cards are presented to you one at a time. The assumption is that these cards have been reviewed recently enough that you can still remember them.

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