Dark sonic mugen character

Fly after your opponent. He plays very much like the Sonic that I released a while ago, so here's his movelist: But, hey, cut me some slack! And I don't just mean the original character, either!

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Super Sonic and Dark Super Sonic. Click to dismiss or press ESC. It's most effective when you do it out of flying!

Super Sonic and Dark Super Sonic have absolutely no difference gameplay-wise, or ability-wise. August 06, It doesn't actually "home in" on opponents, that'd be way too cheap!

Wait a minute, the code you gave me only makes Sonic himself's shadow dissapear. Thanks for the complement! But, yeah, I'll look into it! Can also be used during flight!

Sonic the Hedgehog!

Dark Super Sonic merely has a different color scheme for him and his projectiles and different sound effects! I'll keep messing around with it, I think I have an idea of how to fix it.

And now, the download link!!!! And if charracter reading this, Cyanide, thanks for making that first line of Sonic Battle characters and letting me work off of them!

Trust me, you'll like it! The more you charge, the further you go!

It's supposed to just sit there. Luis Alejandro said, August 07, Luv the opening and ending sounds from the SX episode. Such links are created from your forum URL and will stay valid in case your forum should move to a different URL at a later time. And, yeah, Dark Super pwns I'm still in training here!

Charwcter gonna be me one day daddy! Links to this post You can use this BBCode to create a quick link to this post. But, hey, cut me some slack!

Dark Super Sonic by MageFX - MUGEN

Actually, in the one scene he appears in Sonic X, he has his normal green eyes as well as no pupils at all! I will absolve you of your original colors. August 07, Hey there, fellow Mugen-ators! But if you're a fan of Dark Super, then I suggest you give both a try!

The Mugen Fighters Guild - Super Sonic and Dark Super Sonic. Here for download!

Fly after your opponent. I couldn't have done what I did with Darm in the first place without you, Cyanide! Exactly what it sounds like! Ok, the icon thing is a completely understandable comment, but your problem with the "projectile thing Need to learn how to take mugen screens dude.

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