Computer motherboard circuit diagram

To learn more, visit our Earning Credit Page Transferring credit to the school of your choice Not sure what college you want to attend yet? I am a student I am a teacher. This power supply has ATX design and W performance. The connections between these components are referred to as buses. This power supply circuit uses chip TL

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The schematic diagram reflects how computer engineers think about a motherboard. You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.

On many types of motherboards, this is referred to as the Northbridge. Yes, circcuit phone has a motherboard too - it contains a processing unit, memory and connectors to other parts.

It holds together many of the crucial components of a motherboadd, including the central processing unit CPUmemory and connectors for input and output devices. Due to this voltage is maximum pulse-width continuosly increased and main power supply smoothly goes run.

Please use a different card. Email Email is required. Want to learn more? After it is process repetead with second transistor.

Phone number is required. This current excite voltage on base of power transistor and due to positive feedback transistor goes quickly to saturation.

Unlimited access to all video lessons Lesson Transcripts Tech support. When we want to open one from power transistors Q1, Morherboardthen we have to close his exciting transistor Q3, Q4.

What is a Motherboard? - Definition, Function & Diagram

This is also called the BIOS. The second error amplifier is blocked by voltage on the pin 15 IC1.

This circuit is composed from Q5, Q6 and many discrete components. A motherboard is one of the most essential parts of a computer system. Password must be at least 8 characters long.

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Here are some of the typical parts:. What Is a Hard Drive? Upgrade to Premium to enroll in Information Systems: On the output behind the rectifier diodes is a common coil for all voltages. Although it is a little harder to see, there are also fewer connectors. Choose one Student Teacher Parent Tutor. Transistors Q1 and Q2 alternately connects one end of primary winding to positive or negative voltage.

To unlock this lesson you must be a Study. Try refreshing the page, or contact customer support. Schematics diagram Circuit description This power supply circuit uses chip TL Email Name More Information I will never ever give out your email address. What best describes you? Input part a standby supply Line voltage goes through input filter circuit C1, R1, Computeer, C4, T5 to the bridge rectifier.

Motherboard Diagram: Identify Components for Motherboard Upgrades or Replacement

Schematic diagram of a typical motherboard The schematic diagram reflects how computer engineers think about a motherboard. Start of supply Somebody pushes the power button on computer. What Is a Sound Card? You will also be able to:

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