Attacking faulty reasoning

Edward Damer that has been used for many years in a number of college courses on logic , critical thinking , argumentation , and philosophy. Expanded, reorganized, and rewritten sections address important topics, such as how to strengthen arguments, the theory of fallacy, standard forms of arguments, the absurd counter-example method, syllogistic reasoning, the rebuttal principle, and the resolution principle. Latham rated it liked it Sep 04, Kurt rated it it was ok Apr 18,

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He shows us how to correct our own reasoning and to produce better "arguments" as well as detecting and u Damer's outstanding book is suitably subtitled "A Reasonkng Guide to Fallacy-Free Arguments.

This theoretically sound handbook addresses more than 60 common fallacies with the help of over memorable, timely examples.

Attacking Faulty Reasoning - Wikipedia

Refresh and try again. New to this edition. Chester Mallory rated it it was amazing Jun 06, The problem is exacerbated in that most of his examples using these groups or ideas are based on the most uncharitable, and ridiculous construals of what they have argued or what their position on matters really is.

Well structured rwasoning and crystal-clear explanation. Paul rated it liked it Jan 02, Fallacies That Violate the Relevance Criterion. Other editions - View all Attacking Faulty Reasoning: What is a Fallacy?

Attacking Faulty Reasoning - - Cengage

What is a Good Argument? Aug 08, Neowuf rated it it was amazing. The text also sets forth 12 principles that constitute a " Code of Conduct for Effective Discussion.

Very organizer book I sure will go back time from time to consult when I need make a good argument and decision in my life. It's written like a text book, reasonint still enjoyable. Fallacies such as begging the questiondenying the antecedentor undistributed middle violate this criterion.

Attacking Faulty Reasoning: A Practical Guide to Fallacy-Free Arguments, 6th Edition

Answers to Selected Assignments. I don't whether the advanced editions have been modified.

This one skill is reinforced on every page of the text, from the first three chapters that focus on the criteria for a good argument, through the four major chapters on the fallacies or ways that arguments can go wrong. This unique text begins by establishing a code of intellectual conduct that lays the ground rules for civil deliberations and demonstrates for students the importance of studying and practicing sound argumentation.

Josha rated it really liked it Mar 15, Students learn to construct, deliver, and logically evaluate arguments with more than proven exercises and practice opportunities, making this an ideal resource on its own or as a complement to your other critical thinking or introduction to philosophy texts. A Practical Guide to Fallacy-free Arguments. Edward Damer Wadsworth Publishing Company- Fallacies Logic - pages 0 Reviews Provides the most comprehensive, readable, and theoretically sound coverage on the common fallacies, and is designed to teach readers how to construct and evaluate arguments.

Other editions - View all Attacking Faulty Reasoning: No trivia or quizzes yet. You and your students can quickly reference the entire list attackinng fallacies addressed in this comprehensive text using the complete list found in the end-of-text glossary. The structural criterion requires that one who argues for or against a position should use an argument that meets the fundamental structural requirements of a well-formed argument, using premises that are compatible with one another, that do not contradict the conclusion, that do not assume the truth of the conclusion, and that are not involved in any faulty deductive inference.

Attacking Faulty Reasoning: A Practical Guide to Fallacy-Free Arguments

Fallacies That Violate the Acceptability Criterion. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This made the book unneccessarily annoying. What is an Argument?

Selected Chapters for Introduction to Critical I believe that it would be better if the writer dwelt a little bit on explaining the difference between representative and unrepresentative sample since both of them are not very intuitive and common.

What is an Argument?

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