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Before filing bugs, please verify that the bug is still present after all updates are applied or whether it's still present in the latest daily build. Count your Linux Box. Edubuntu is a partner project of Ubuntu Linux, a distribution suitable for classroom use. What's New With version Contact, corrections and suggestions:

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Distribution Release: Edubuntu ( News)

As the first Long-Term Support release of the Edubuntu project, this version will be supported for 5 years April Skip to main content. You are here Home.

All KDE neon dropping older Ubuntu-based versions. The Ubuntu project encourages and welcomes participation of women in the project. Edubuntu's installation is now purely graphical, and allows for LTSP installation directly from the Live disc.

Current users of Edubuntu For larger deployments and environments where a stable, well tested system is preferred, the Edubuntu development team strongly recommends staying on the long-term support releases current release is Features that were partially implemented in alpha 1 and not completed have been removed in this beta build and will be re-integrated after the release.

Edubuntu's installation is now purely edubintu, and allows for LTSP installation directly from the live disc.

If you're using Edubuntu, 01.04 let us know by logging your installation on our deployments page. We recently released a point release to Edubuntu How to get it Edubuntu can be installed through two different methods: About Edubuntu Edubuntu is a grassroots movement, we aim to get Ubuntu into schools, homes and communities and make it easy for users to install and maintain their systems in educational and non-profit environments.

Artwork is not final and very likely to change, do not use for documentation purposes Package selection is not final and subject to change This is a release preview which doesn't have complete testing coverage.

From a Kubuntu We are part of the larger Ubuntu community and our main body of work is the Edubuntu installation disc, which installs Ubuntu along with educational tools and packages available in the Ubuntu software archives.

The Edubhntu Netbook edition interface is now shipped with the Edubuntu disc, and can be installed as an option after the system installation has completed. The Slackel disc images are offered in two different forms - installation and live.

Screenshots What's included in Edubuntu? To ensure that the Edubuntu We do not ship free Edubuntu discs at this time, however, there are 3rd party distributors 10.04 who ship discs at reasonable prices listed on the Edubuntu Martketplace Although Edubuntu Navigation Deployments Recent content.

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Please refer to http: Bittorrent downloads are preferred. We aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

The Edubuntu project is a group of people that aim to deliver the best of educational free software in an easily installable medium. You can also install all Edubuntu packages, including artwork by installing the edubuntu-desktop package.

Want to get involved?

The new Edubuntu Menu Editor allows an administrator to create custom menu profiles and apply it to users and groups as well as export them to share them with colleagues or friends.

Please keep the following in mind when testing this build: Pine64 plans PinePhone with Plasma.

Welcome to Edubuntu Additionally, the following are known broken in Edubuntu Before filing bugs, please verify that the bug is still present after all updates are rdubuntu or whether it's still present in the latest daily build.

The Edubuntu project does not ship physical installation media, but there are companies that can ship a disc to you at a reasonable rate.

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