Good minecraft server spawns

Note that looking at all of the pictures which are linked in this tutorial is highly recommended. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I don't have any Picture's at the moment Have you ever build on a server before optional:

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EpicBoss34Feb 6, This is great for the basics! Pictures of your creations: Any ideas you have about what you like to see in a spawn is welcome but please keep it clean and mature. This was done by hand. Last edited by Maxnw If you would rather not rework your spawn yourself, you can always hire a professional builder, such as myself, to either tweak your existing spawn for you, or build an entirely new spawn for your server.

They are fine in small quantities but should not be the main theme of a build.

What biome is the best to build a spawn point in and why? The builds you see were completed in about two days to one week.

Spawn | Minecraft Maps & Projects

I myself have been to several servers and seen some great ideas here and there on all of them but never a perfect spawn area with all the perks from all the servers. Ask the questions here and look up the answers here mimecraft.

DavyWavyBabyyXerver 10, I am also open to any suggestions you have in building the server spawn. Depth is what really makes builds stand out Also, i like taking time to get goood and uniqe looking Buildings. Logs, cobblestone; just plain wood isn't nice. If you have any builds in the spawn area of a server you like that stand out and have become a center piece for everyone please post about it here.

You'll notice that I built a flock of Flying Moomaids.

Im also on 6 hours on weeks and 12 hours on weekends! This tutorial will show you how to improve an already existing spawn or hub. You may be entitled to staff mindcraft a custom prefix if you wish as this is a new server. Let's see what we can do to make this spawn nicer. I would rather think of myself as self employed and looking for side jobs if that makes sense but I would always be happy to come back and build if you would like.

All and all listen to your community and focus on making them happy.

If you're having so much trouble, get the first couple of players on your server to build a small village around spawn. All you need to do is copy and paste the application below and fill it out. End portal - so players can get to the end even if someone destroyes the strongholds. Share This Page Tweet. Log in or sign up in seconds. If your lazy just go out and find a builder!

Server Spawn | Minecraft Maps & Projects with World Seed

IgnorantServerr 9, Because I believe that I am a very good builder and I think that I can easily help you create a server spawn! The one thing that nags me the most about server spawns, is when it lags a lot.

Do not use diamond, gold or emerald blocks next to eachother.

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