Dji ground station

There may be more than 99 photo capture points if the aircraft captures without hovering. The app will give a verbal notice every time your Phantom 2 reaches a waypoint or if you lose connection. Payloads Gather crucial data from every angle.

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Because your iPad is connected to the drone continuously, the drone will feed back flight data to your iPad such as altitude and battery voltage. Capture images at equal time intervals, equal distance intervals, or to hover at a waypoint during capture.

Our writer, Mark Richardson also author of this article has a great course on Udemy about Aerial Photography and Videography.

DJI GS Pro - Manage Drone Flight with Your iPad - DJI

Set the maximum speed and altitude for the aircraft when flying inside Virtual Fences. After users complete an aerial photography mission in the desired area and import the photos into GS Pro, the software will automatically create a composite photo of the area that users can adjust as needed.

Set a waypoint flight path, define waypoint actions, groynd start flying with a tap. It is perfect for the entry or intermediate level drone pilot wanting to learn to fly drones and record gorgeous images and videos.

No, but GS Pro is compatible with flight simulation. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Accept Reject Read More.

Camera Stabilizers Capture all the action and get smooth results. Consumer Drones Comparison Osmo Comparison.

This is the iPad Ground Station package, it contains a 2. Consumer Mavic Series Powerful and foldable for aerial adventure. Software Make data actionable and efficiently control drone ops. To groound better 3D reconstruction, the default photo overlap is optimized for a range of supported cameras.

I can see automated flights being extremely useful in a variety of situations such as filmmaking, farm inspection, cartography, surveillance and more. You can manually fly the Phantom 2 and the app will show all of this data in real time on a nice map interface, just like google maps. Other Accessories Upgrade and unleash your creativity.

GS Pro will then automatically take pictures at pre-set waypoints, providing the accuracy required for precision mapping. Pro Accessories Worry less and perfect your shot. - DJI Products Special Arrangement

Drones Aerial tools for your daily tasks. Your email address will not be published.

This this solution still necessary with the Phantom 4? Integrated Systems Maximum efficiency for next-level filmmaking.

UgCS - an Alternative to DJI Ground Station

Groubd Pro can be utilized in many industries including architecture, precision agriculture, aerial mapping, electrical inspection, security control, disaster monitoring, and more. However, in order to upload missions to your aircraft and initiate them, you must first purchase 3D Map POI. The image data captured during these flights can be input into 3D reconstruction software to generate 3D maps, while the mission itself can be saved for re-use.

After releasing the joystick, the aircraft will resume its preset flight speed. The distance between two adjacent waypoints can be from 1m to m. Return to Home Altitude. The entire flight plan will be uploaded to the Phantom 2 and it will immediately head towards the first waypoint.

Developer Technologies Build your vision with powerful software tools. Consumer Drones Comparison Osmo Comparison. While shooting footage as a hobby has now become more of a full time job, Justin still enjoys the peaceful feeling of getting a birds eye view while hiking or on vacation with his family.

GS Pro automatically generates efficient flight paths after the user has set their required flight zone and camera parameters. This should only be used in an emergency.

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