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Test your circuit by running through all the possible input values, using the truth table as a guide. Polkie New Member May 16, Kalundborg Khz reference transmission Started by dr pepper Wednesday at 2: Forums New posts Search forums. Articles Top Articles Search resources.

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Wire the remaining gate inputs. Electro Tech is an online community with digitzlmembers who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. Download the sample circuit from the Designing Combinational Circuits handout by left-clicking on the link.

When the word "Wire" appears, left-click once and you will have constructed a wire digitwl the AND gate. Position the cursor over the correct vertical wire. Articles Top Articles Search resources. To change the number of inputs, use the pointer tool. You can erase the install file when the installation is complete. Since this is an interactive circuit, and not one driven by a clock, nothing much will happen until you cause it to.

Kalundborg Khz reference transmission Started by dr pepper Wednesday at 2: Observe whether the output, F, changes state. Pick a circuit from among the ones we drew in class; you will wire the AND gates to simulate this circuit.

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Start the simulator by pressing the "run" triangle at the left end of the third toolbar, if it isn't already depressed.

When the curson is positioned correctly, the word "Wire" will appear within the cursor.

Start Digital Works and open file "sop. Select the pencil tool and place the cursor on the topmost input of the first AND gate. Media New media New comments Search media. Left-click once and release. Similarly, if you are simulating a function of two variables, you can ignore the wiring for C and its complement. If you make a mistake, get the pointer tool, click the incorrect wire with it, and press the Delete key.

Now try simulating one of the multi-level circuits from the text. I would like to know has anyone used this program and is there somewhere where I can download extra parts for it.

Digital Works

Click here to register now. Notice how the state of the variable and its complement change as shown by the LED's at the top of the circuit. Download the Digital Works installation file. You will see that is is a sum-of-products circuit design, but the AND gates aren't wired.

Deicing cables Started by KevinW Tuesday at 5: Open this file in Digital Works. Check that the output, F, reflects the value specified in the truth table. By continuing to use digitak site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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Place the "hand" cursor over one of the input buttons, A, B, or C, at the lower left of the circuit and change its state by left-clicking. You do not have to use all four AND gates if the function you are simulating has fewer than four product terms.

Now you are ready to try a circuit of your own. To participate you need to register.

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