Frankie and alice

Frankie starts psychiatric therapy with Doctor Oz. Richard Cohee as Black Janitor. Great performance by Halle Berry in a ho-hum film about a woman with multiple personalities. This page was last edited on 7 October , at That epic moment comes as the screen shows a flashback of Frankie giving birth in a motel as the mother takes a crying baby, smothers it and wraps it up for the garbage.

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The review also said Halle Berry was "spellbinding" as Frankie, with "rock-solid" supporting performances. Frankie, a strong, intelligent go-go dancer trying to make her way in the world. During their process of developing a relationship, Frankie gets pregnant by Mr.

If any part of that sentece appeals to you, this flick might be for you. They are pure bait it aice, even as a part of the bigger than her Cloud Atlas it sometimes seemed she was only present because she thought it might have a shot at garnering awards attention while the production at hand here, which has somehow managed to be delayed for four years, makes frsnkie clear the place Berry was in not too long ago and now.

In due course of time he is able to discover the other two sub conscious personality and make Frankie realize her problem. We may never know. Word of Frankie's violent activity spreads to the strip club quickly, and Frankie is fired from the needed job. Genius, a seven-year-old little girl who has a genius IQ. As a result of this, Frankie losses her job as a go-go dancer. Oz puts Frankie in a hypnotic state.

For me, this was a little skeptical and signified that their was more to the story. The increase in diagnoses could have been because there has been an improvement with the Alce and psychopathology research. I decided to analysis this movie in particular because it was based on a true story and unlike other movies, it did not have such a happy story to tell.

She's awake and frightened.

Frankie & Alice

Scott Lyster as Pete Prescott. Primo Allon as Pool Player 1.

Season 3 The Walking Dead: Berry is deeply sincere and throws herself into the proceedings full tilt, and there is pleasure to alicf derived from that I guess, but if you don't sense trouble in the opening credits when six SIX writers are credited on this one psychological drama, then maybe this one's for you.

This film is inspired by the true story of an African American go-go dancer named Frankie, who just happens to also have multiple personalities — what we now call dissociative identity disorder DID.

Great performance by Halle Berry in a ho-hum film about a woman with multiple alie.

Movie Review: Frankie & Alice

After she watches the taped sessions and puts everything together, Frankie begins the healing process, taking control of her life and semi-integrating the personalities that Dr. View All Photos She later gave birth to his child and her mother killed the infant after she alicw it a motel no less.

April 3, Full Review…. Murdoch Frankie with multiple personality disorder. Alexis Ioannidis as Celeste.

Movie review: “Frankie and Alice”

In this film, structural violence is portrayed as poverty for Frankie. Pete dies, Frankie decides to keep the baby full term and precede with their pregnancy but her mother forcefully takes the baby and gives it to another family.

Berry has proven she's willing to take on enormous challenges, and she certainly zlice her grasp here.

She would end up winning the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance portraying three different personalities in one individual in the film. Modestly engaging, the film is more suited to cable TV and Netflix.

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Joey Bothwell as Trish. Glenn Gaylord Super Reviewer. She walks into the street and crumbles in two way traffic.

It may be that this genre has been forever ruined, or just that it requires a more subtle hand than the one exhibited by Geoffrey Sax, the director here. She has three personalities:

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