Bloodhound gang altogether ooky

Though it could just be me being a sucker for punny jokes. Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo. December 18, Label: I rub the lotion on the skin. Archived from the original on 2 December

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All except Hooray for Boobies: But in every single other category, from raps to dick jokes, they kick major freaking ass. C'mon baby do the twist.

Altogether Ooky

We then see him at work, sitting at a desk covered in mountains of papers. Quite simply, the chorus is too good. Towards the end of the Video, Nosferatu Jr.

September 27, Label: The Video goes on to show him figuratively sucking at many different aspects of life. Need someone new to troll? I found this to be another joke that kinda fell flat, but not in a terrible way.

Comedy is generally about setting up an idea, and then subverting it in a shocking way. Hooray for Boobies and Hefty Fine: Life is like a penis most people don't know it. Split between Red Hot Chili Peppers-influenced funk-rock and Beastie Boys-influenced rap-rock, the album featured an intro from flamboyant comedian Rip Taylor and a loud cover version of Kim Wilde's '80s anthem "Kids in America," plus the minor hit "Mama Say. I'm a spirit from another dimension who has materialized in your realm for one reason and one reason only.

He sighs as he flips through a photo album, looking ookky pictures of his parents, as well as past victims.

The song then ends in a way that, despite all the jokes, does fit really well. Michael Alperowitz [40] [41].

Bloodhound Gang discography

Michael Alperowitz, Kevin Powers [41]. Awards Bloodhound Gang ". The discography of American rock group Bloodhound Gang consists of five studio albumstwo compilation albumsone video albumtwo extended plays14 singles and 11 altogethsr videos.

Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. It was kind of funny seeing Pop dancing with the nurse in the background while his fellow bloodhounds lie dead.

Eisenkreuz Leben: ''Altogether Ooky'' - The Bloodhound Gang

Retrieved November 18, One of his misadventures is going to a dentist named Dr. Richard Reines, Stefanie Reines [41]. Or else I get the hose again. The song does so much right, and then so much wrong.

Though Pop usually raps, this one is him singing the entire time in a way that harmonizes nicely with the instrumentals. Michael Alperowitz, Brian Agnew [41]. Languages Deutsch Simple English Edit links. Also, I wish Viva La Bam went on forever.

‎Altogether Ooky - Single by Bloodhound Gang on Apple Music

Caught you Sniffing my boxers Who the fuck does that At red lobster Creepy Like when tom cruise laughs That's how your finger Felt in my ass I'm gonna come to your house On a back of a horse with A bunch of villagers carrying torches Most of whom dislike monsters Like you girl The way Your kisses tasted Skeeve me the hell out Like shitting naked Why would I wanna stay friends Rather get raped by Clowns again I'm gonna come to your house On a back of a horse with A bunch of villagers carrying torches, Most of whom dislike monsters Like you girl I rub the lotion On my skin Or else I get The hose again.

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