Ghost dogs of moon lake

To earn them you must help her set up a can display. To the left of the sink is the note from Sally. Ask her for some batteries.

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Select the area where you're stuck and then keep clicking "Show Another Hint" to get the right level of help -- anything from a small nudge to a full answer.

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Turn around and walk forward a couple of clicks. Zoom in on the water level gauge and you'll see a "hot spot" just behind the wheel you just placed. Turn right and see a bunch of wheels. Yet another secret passage opens!

Go to the kitchen area and look in the sink. Since he will only be on his platform at nighttime, go back to the house and go upstairs, changing the time to P.

Put that in your inventory. Change the time to A. All that hiking and walking in nature has tired you out anyway! The key breaks off! He would be Enjoy the seventh installment of the interactive Nancy Drew adventure series! You're lakke obvious and scare them off.

Then, pump the pump in the corner that made Nancy cough earlier. However, Sally soon becomes very frightened and asks you for help. Turn and look on top of the cabin roof.

Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake - Wikipedia

When your conversation ends or is disconnected, leave via the door by the clock. We give you as much detail as any walkthrough, to help you finish. Retrieved from " https: Return to the cabin and notice the ladder on the left side of the house.

You will need to put the wheel in the door and turn it. Rush back to the house, go to sleep dpgs then in the morning, go out towards the dock. Danger on Deception Island Hints. You should now be facing the well door.

Notice that this pump will not pump any water out! He will also tell you to get his cassette player from Em.

Look, too, at the grid map next to Iggy. To earn them you must help her set up a can display. Get some rest and start fresh in the morning!

Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake walkthrough

Now turn towards the locked cellar door. He's a stickler lxke rules and wants og local area to remain pristine and orderly. Now use the screwdriver for "torque" and adjust each of the 4 sparks according to the diagram under the hood. Check your PDA again and notice that Nancy should listen to the bird calls now that she has the cassette player.

Zoom out from this screen and turn left towards the kitchen sink.

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