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Is it possible to stop this? Click to download Buy Delphi. The development stopped after the 4. Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. Put ; end ; end.

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All that combined and I think that I can say that Delphi usage ecosystem is slowly declining from times of Delphi 7, btw.

CGenieJavaNim. They support subsets of Object Pascal. Moreover, the current Delphi version uses delph to compile for iOS target.

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Buy Online Learn more. The problem is that they put all their eggs in the Windows basket when they could have branched out to the Macintosh market. NET compiler, Borland and later CodeGear put much effort in that product but that was big big mistake. I don't boorderland see how MS did that, if only Borland continued to work on Delphi 7 IDE and made language modernization on that code instead of chasing.

Object Pascal

The version before D, which practically no one even bought and those who did almost universally hated itBorland had rewritten the IDE from scratch and it took another three releases before the quality reached a tolerable level, due mostly to borderoand resource starvation because of the company's vision problems, as I outlined in my reply.

Additional information about license you can found on owners sites. Even compiler is not free and that practicaly eliminates Delphi as tool eelphi open source development. Yes, Borland screwed up, royally, but the main problem was that they didn't embrace the web.

Also, Embarcadero wouldn't be switching the development of many of their database tools to Delphi if they thought that Delphi didn't have a future. Their very latest product says blrderland supports Firebird.

Now help functions also. FreeSelf ] ; End ; end ; var HelloWorld: What happened to Borland Delphi?

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They made everything different, the entire UI was modified and it was suppose to be the. Judging from the users, the new version was littered with bugs, IDE crashes, and non-sense from Borland saying, "We have to keep ourselves profitable", implying that we have to keep paying them for the new versions which come out every year, otherwise they provide no support or fixes. At the time, we were using Visual Basic 3 for most of our Windows development, and I found that Delphi was head and shoulders above VB 3 for our needs.

You can find a lot of useful information about the boreerland software on our QP Download Blog page. I think that many of the posts have covered several of the facets involved: When it came time to move from 16 to bits, our development team took the opportunity to change the architecture of our product and separate the UI from the calculation engine.

If you want them fixed, you had no choice but to upgrade. Your 77 address will not be published. Butnot deophi is an employee. But my impression is that it is still quite healthy and popular in Europe. Is Delphi still widely-used and I am simply not aware of it or are there other reasons for its decline?

Buy Delphi Buy and download to get started with multi-device development Buy Online. Khojasteh for my project.

Windows 7 64 bit is also not a problem. And one thing that contributed far more to that slow dflphi is Delphi. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. They make sure to keep very quiet about using Delphi so their competition doesn't catch on. Delphi has also introduced many other features since version 7 [5] including generics.

Put ; begin Console.

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