I am gasoline

The time now is About myself, i am a chip design professional working with an Mnc in Bangalore. Thank you guys for all your well wishes and replies. Anyways great to have another fellow chip designer here.

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The Overhaulin’ theme song

I own a pulsar currently used by my brother. Initially my plan was to to go for a sedan.

In recent years i have developed a passion for automobiles. You know, not that it matters but rather than "Fire, meet gasoline" you could possibly interpret it as a sort of command, or dramatic reflection, given in a sort of fragmentary poetic "cave-man grammar style".

I think this post that you originally close-voted might actually be of interest to you, now that the salient points have been edited into the question. Anyways great to have another fellow chip designer here. This is a discussion on I am gasoline and matches Mumbai but wat Posts: Was looking at couple of vehicles took test drives.

I Am Gasoline | Dahlia Ross

It's really "Fire, meet gasoline", where the speaker is speaking to someone named 'Fire' or the object of fire personified. Fire meets gasoline a statement. This might be a non-standard version of 'fire meets gasoline'.

I have remained an anonymous spectator of this amazing website for past six months till i took a plunge to actually join you guys and be a part of it.

Kudos to you guys for keeping this forum active,live and kicking. Great intro there fellow petrol and radiohead!! Post as a guest Name.


It should be either Fire, meet gasoline meet as imperative or: Or you could say a sort of rasta-grammar style. Guess what's going to happen when we get together? But it is no use seeing song texts too critical. Also picking up a bullet model today or tomorrow cos cant bear these auto people anymore. So whats the replacement for the SFXi? EdwinAshworth Don't know how to ping you in the relevant place, o am doing so here and will then delete this comment.

I light angel wings with torches Since it's part of the larger verse, this is approximate. Hey guys gasolinf so happy to be here as part of this amazing forum dedicated to one of man's best creations.

Red Bull gives you wings. About myself, i am gasolline chip design professional working with an Mnc in Bangalore. Hey buddy welcome to the forum. But then from team bhp had been following the safari 2.

Of the vehicles i test drove i found the Cedia the most interesting and VFM option.

Mitch 49k 15 98 Welcome to Team-BHP, it's gonna be a fun ride. An unclear gasollne or punctuation. Do go through the rules to understand how the forum works.

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