Dancing queen girls generation

Retrieved December 29, With the group's TV comeback show wrapped up, the girls will begin their round of promotions starting with tomorrow's episode of ' M! To me, they sound a lot like their voices from Genie, which was around the same time if I recall.

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Countdown on January 3, Ooh la ooh la Party Eeh Dancing party that makes young people excited Everyone partying together Dancing party that makes young people excited Korean: Jessica says this during Hyoyeon and the parts of Taeyeon: BuzzFeed Japan falsely reports that it's legal in South Korea to serve leftovers. During the bridge, the members throw a party while dancing in groups of three while Tiffany approaches a DJ telling him to play a song.

Retrieved December 23, To me, they sound a lot like their voices from Genie, which was around the same time if I recall.

Dancing Queen

Tiffany turns girlx a jukebox with Jessica while they sing the intro. SM's official article explaining the matter thanks to snsdktf: Adding the link now. Credits are adapted from I Got a Boy liner notes. Retrieved December 21, Run Devil Run is not a remake.

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Did you girld read my post? Retrieved December 28, Dancing Dancing geu hwaryeohan Dancing neoye hwaryeohan Dancing ni igijeogin maepshi Oh neoye igijeogin maepshi Ooh yeah geu ajjilhan Sexy rideume momeul matgyeo na Yeah yeah. At the end of the video, the "I Got a Boy" symbol was used with " Recorded inthe song was initially scheduled to be released as the title track for the group's first extended play.

The video begins with the members in a pink doll-like room. Email required Address never made public. Anyway who exactly is confused Use the search function before posting to avoid reposts. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. While in the diner, the video transitions from each member's line in a pan-order around the diner.

At the end of teneration song, the time machine moves forward to as the words "Ayo GG" spoken by Sooyoung are heard, leading into the teaser for "I Got a Boy". Log in to Reply.

For people confused with Dancing Queen and Mercy : SNSD

The music video, with a running time of 4 minutes, 23 seconds, daning a time machine plot. Archived from the original on March 18, My top favorite GDragon hairstyles.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. IU to open up about her less popular days on 'Hee Yeol's Conversation'.

Why did SM release a song that was discarded in now? Please do not disrespect any members. Judging by how high quality the music video is, i wouldn't be surprised if SM threw a few bucks to hype up SNSD's next album.

As in, how do you know it was a legal issue instead of them not wanting to release a cover to a song that was already immensely popular in New subscribers please read the side bar before posting.

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