Ashrae standard 55 2004

For mechanically conditioned spaces, the PMV-based comfort zone has to be determined, which includes measuring and recording the metabolic activity and clothing insulation. In the body of the standard was rewritten in mandatory language, with informative language moved from the body of the standard to informative appendices. Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine. For this model the standard provides a graph of acceptable indoor temperature limits at prevailing mean outdoor temperatures a mean of the daily mean outdoor temperatures of the previous 7—30 days. The heights need to be adjusted for standing persons.

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One can also take into account the posture of the occupants. Except sedentary activities, metabolic rate for all other activities is likely to have range of variation. As metabolic rates increase over 1. If that number is between 20 and 45, the minimum number of responses is In order to achieve acceptable results, the standard also suggests the minimum equipment accuracy based the current industry standard.

Thermal comfort is the condition of mind that expresses satisfaction 5 the thermal environment and is assessed by subjective evaluation.

As for point-in-time surveys, the survey should be solicited during the time of occupancy, and the satisfaction scale ought to be continuous.

Radiant temperature asymmetry between ceiling and floor, and air and walls must be limited to reduce discomfort.

Interpretations for Standard 55-2004

Thus, it only provides an approximation of the clothing insulation value of a moving person. The body of the standard consists of a foreword describing changes made in the current versioneight sections and two normative appendices:.

For occupant-controlled naturally conditioned space, the adaptive model shall be used to determine the thermal comfort boundaries. As described within the standard: There is a function to determine the representative clothing insulation at each segment. There should be at least seven points on the scale ending with "very acceptable" and "very unacceptable.

Sfandard are not part of the standard, but provide additional information about terms and methods described within the standard, as well as a bibliography, and a description of the addenda incorporated from the previous version in the current version.

Clothing insulation is the resistance to sensible heat transfer provided by a clothing ensemble expressed in units of clo, which is a unit to quantify the insulation provided by garments and clothing ensembles.

Sample documentation is provided ashare Informative Appendix J. For mechanically conditioned spaces, the PMV-based comfort zone has to be determined, which includes measuring and recording the metabolic activity and clothing insulation.

Views Read Edit View history. Awhrae graphic method utilizes an overlay on a psychrometric chart to indicate the operative temperatures and humidity at which thermal comfort is achieved in the winter 1. This method is based on the concept that when occupants choose their clothing according to their environment, the outdoor environment is more influential than the indoor one.

The heights need to be adjusted for standing persons. The function line has four segments: There are two cases when evaluating thermal comfort: Metabolic rate is the rate of transformation of chemical energy into heat and mechanical work by metabolic activities of an individual.

Interpretations for Standard

When the number is under 20, at least standxrd must reply for the survey to make the survey representative. For seating occupants, the air temperature and air speed measurements shall be taken at heights of 0. If the clothing ensemble in question reasonably matches the clothing ensemble in the table, the indicated value can be used.

For humidity ratios above 0. A occupant-controlled naturally conditioned space is where the thermal conditions of the space are primarily regulated by occupant-controlled openings. It also added a general satisfaction survey to section 7 intended to evaluate general thermal comfort in an occupied space, bringing the standard in line with current survey-based post-occupancy evaluation POE practices.

ASHRAE 55 - Wikipedia

There is a figure in the section five of the standard which predicts the standadr clothing insulation of the occupants as a function of the average outdoor air temperature at The second method is to add or subtract individual garment clo value to achieve the clothing ensemble in question.

Exceedance hour is the number of occupied hours within a defined time period in which the environmental conditions in an occupied space are outside the comfort zone.

This is the energy produced from a unit skin surface area of an average person seated at rest.

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