Final fantasy iv ds rom

For example, each character has a meter that slowly fills. Well worth any money spent on it, I am a hardcore gamer and managed to keep myself amused with this game for over a month. It suited all of the situations perfectly, and not much is repeated throughout the game.

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You will need to login to your EP account it's free to submit tags and other game information. This is a remake of an already great finql as I mentioned before, with all new graphics, music, sound effects, and Brand NEW movies, its a must have! So you what you see? When you start playing you will see what I mean.

- Final Fantasy IV - Nintendo DS(NDS) ROM Download

It's free, easy and feels damn good! Mystics Apprentice rates this game: Bob rates this game: How could you NOT play it?

The game has also been remade into 3D graphics in the DS version of Final Fantasy IV, vinal I have to say are gorgeous and made a wonderful game even more amazing! Added by tuta39 Report. This game is probably my favourite FF game ever, and for it to be re-made?!

For example, each character has a meter that slowly fills. It engages you and makes it feel so much more "real".

Final Fantasy IV

Thank you for your nomination. Games you may like: One of the best Final Fantasies ever made, and will probably be known as one of the classics.

Uploaded by iateyourtaco Report. Once filled he or she can make their move of either attacking, using magic, an item or defending. Uploaded by Pontinho Report. A new Multiplayer interaction involving a summon that can be renamed, redesigned, and empowered adds something that the original was lacking. I love this type of battle mode.

Uploaded by TheJobist Report. Cecil, along with a cast of other fantassy, memorable characters, go on an epic quest to protect the crystals from the evil Golbez, and another evil that is darker still.

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2495 - Final Fantasy IV

The ATB gauge that was first created in the original version of this game still works great, and a remake of the speech of the characters makes the game much more clear and consice. Clean battles, swift animations, and fqntasy whole bunch of new background really make this game play smoothly. Summons are now fully animated to great effect, and the opening CGI cutscene is a sight to behold.

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This Reproduction of one of the most famous and Nostalgic games of all time brings some great new features to a historic game that stands out as fiinal of Square Enixes greatest productions, and manages to keep all the classic finwl of ATB gameplay.

The only problem I had with the sounds was that after a while they become repetative. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this game, and is absolutely a must for any RPG fan, especially if you're into the Final Fantasy series. This game has got to have one of the greatest storylines that I have experienced! Once fanatsy execute their move, that character will not have the ability to take another turn until their meter fills again.

Especially the movie cut-scenes, they're so realistic! The storyline was excellent, in comparison to many RPG's.

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