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Get better at paying obv because no new player is gonna afford anything without cashing up. Elsword is region locked, so you will have to play in your region. Add was later featured in Eltype Season 3. Log in or sign up in seconds. The lag is a major problem.

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There are twelve [ citation needed ] different playable characters as of Juneeach with three different job class paths except Rose who has four that can be chosen starting at level Different types of skills are automatically unlocked as a player levels up.

The Black Crow Around 45, they get hard. Views Read Edit View history.

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. It's useless arguing about how other servers especially KR having it better than us, that's not getting anywhere.

But hey if we bitch enough, just maybe we can get some changes.

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I haven't even posted on the forums, just browsed and saw how bad it was. I can understand character slots, pets, and cosmetic avatars and gacha being paid but elswodr, itemslots, and inventory space being cash is just plain greed.

A subreddit for Elsword, a free-to-play, 2. So far, eight volumes were released. After that, they get harder.


It is based on arcade Beat 'em upsand require the player to properly execute combos within the specific range of their character much akin to a fighting gamemixing the elements to provide a side-scrolling beat 'em up fighter. I stated before that I don't mind paying for things but obvious cash grab just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

korea This game is probably the only game on NA with such an unpopular restriction that every other kr to na game has taken off. Balance Patch Event Progress: We all know what those kinda people did to the game. The game also features a number of special dungeons.

I was really looking forward to playing Add however. Chasm of the Divided Land 9-X: Dungeons are instanced, offering co-op play for up to four players at a time.

Since then, I've gone on NA and gave all my items and ED to my guild then deleted all my characters and the game. First off I don't understand why this game has a stamina system in place. March 23, EU: The first volume introduced Ara and her lore, along with numerous different short comics, each illustrated by several different artists.

Void is good if you plan to PvE and play dress up but i would highly suggest you avoid PvP, since it is an international server it doesn't restrict anyone from playing, this games PvP system is peer to peer connection so you will be fighting people from across the world more koreah than in NA.

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As it is I have noticed quite a sharp reduction in player numbers since VoidEls launched. I've only played a little bit up to job change and I've tried to like it but I really can't understand the extreme cash grabby mechanics that are put in on a supposed "f2p" game.

I probably won't play this, at least not the NA version. If you still want to play but get a much better experience, check out Void Elsword. I would be happy to spend money on the game on cosmetics and such but actual gameplay versjon being paywalled is far too sketch for me to handle. Temple of Trials Sander The discussion page may contain suggestions.

Temple of Frozen Water

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