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Go to Morgue and ask all the questions. Our second suspect is Ema Rodriguez, which she admitted that she killed the vic because of jealousy. Get a copy of Enrique's bank records.

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You also may find yourself running into some occasional choppiness too, as we tested the game on a pair of different ci ATI cards, and both times we encountered some stuttering in the movement of the models and in the video. Somebody's got to play! You will join me in my room tonight or face the consequences. Go to register and click green key.

Case 4 - Sunstroke. Get close-up of plastic scrap and take it. Savings represents a discount off the List Price. Do cryptogram on computer.

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Black 11, Denise Diamond: Go to Yelina and get a search warrant for Fate Nightclub. Go to the end of the dock. Get close-up of wound and swab it. Find items to trade in. Miami Review PC ".

It is noteworthy that main characters were voiced by the actors that starred in the original CSI Miami. Mixed or average reviews - based on 19 Ratings. There was miaki problem filtering reviews right now.

Go to Martin's room and ask the new question. The game is also periodically bad about getting ahead of itself, or lagging behind from where you've progressed to in the story, skipping ahead to questions and details you're unaware of, or reiterating things you already jiami.

Lone Sails 77 Moonlighter 77 Bloodstained: This document was provided to GameBoomers.

maimi Go to the Lab and give the vat swab and tool evidence to Valera. When you did find something and tried to click on it, it kept telling you that you needed to use a different tool, even though you were using the correct one. Get a copy of Enrique's bank records. Miami is a video game based on the CSI: Other wise, recommend gamew game. Investigation includes using high-tech forensic tools to find the evidence, as well as interrogation and puzzle CSI: Give Valera new evidence.

CSI Miami Walkthru's for all 5 cases!! | IGN Boards

Apart from the spotty voice acting, the remaining areas of CSI: Give new evidence to valera. Continue suspect interrogation with Julia Alvarez. Just as in the case of the previous games, the player has to solve a series of criminal cases.

In this case you work with Yelina Salas. Talk to Hugo and ask the new questions. Take swab of spill.

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