Agraceful the great i am

Plus, I reaaally don't like this album. The guitarists constantly illustrate their abilities of melodic and creative runs, but the execution is ineffective. Bitstream February 1st Comments. On the other hand, this band musically just isn't there.

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WARisalliknow91 February 12th Comments. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. The lyrics generally follow a boring faux-emo style. Ironically, Emarosa gained popularity for having the ex-Dance Gavin Dance singer.

Agraceful:The Great I Am (2008)

Sea of Treachery At Dagger's Dawn. Asiatic February 1st Comments. Its a vocalist with no help. Between this and saying Fortress Instrumental was excellent, approval went down, down, down.

I geat a rant. New Levels New Devils.

I do not find his high screams annoying, in fact it is what drew me to the old Emarosa and this band. The album is fairly disappointing. The lyrics are fairly immature and leave much to be desired. User does not exist. The thinks that I liked about roetter from emarosa didn't show up as much in this album. Zippermouth February 1st Comments.

The Great I Am

Yes this site is about opinions, but not in reviews like this greag has but still need to rag on seeing its his first review. General Comment I think this is just basicly a serenade. General Comment Yeah, probably my favorite by Agraceful.

Speaking of which, the review could do with some work. And yeah, this got negged alot, so I improved it, but I don't think anyones going to come back and switch it. The claim to fame for this band would be they have the ex-Emarosa singer as their front man. I'd like to point out that I that all the songs were bad except 2 that I thought were good and 1 that I thought was ok.

The verses are unimaginative metalcore playing with some occasional catchy melodic leads. No Replies Log in to reply. I think that overall the album was a complete let down.

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Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. But the world doesn't revolve around you, hun. Agraceful — The Great I Am. Song Meaning well this song is obviously about God.

The guitarists constantly illustrate their abilities of melodic and creative runs, but the execution is ineffective. And it's ranty because it was too short to start with. The Great I Am song meanings. Bitstream February 19th Comments.

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