Gundam wing remastered

Meanwhile, a depressed Wufei encounters former Alliance Major Sally Po , who is now a guerrilla leader. Retrieved from " http: Treize visits a comatose Lady Une and reveals that he must bring about the peace because the burden would be too great for Relena. Meanwhile, White Fang's repeated advances convince Duo to leave Hilde's colony for her own protection.

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Zechs receives gundak restored Tallgeese mobile suit and returns to the land of his birth, the Sanc Kingdom, in hopes of liberating it from the hands of the Alliance.

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When Nichol begins acting on his own, Une realizes that she's developed a split personality while trying to execute Treize's dream of the future and imprisons Nichol upon her return to Barge. The Gundam pilots are at last able to bring closure to their lives as soldiers. Doctor J responds and agrees to surrender, but refuses to hand over the Gundams. Retrieved from " http: Slight tear on one corner remashered box. PhantomKurata All reviews 21 people found this review helpful.

The remaining Gundams are forced to retreat. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: The five Gundams wng gather at the New Edwards Base in an attempt to kill the higher echelon members of OZ, but they discover too late they have been tricked; Heero has already eliminated the pacifist leaders of the Alliance while Lady Une and the leader of OZ, Colonel Treize Khushrenadamanipulate the only survivor, General Septum, into declaring war on the colonies before they kill him too.

Meanwhile, Duo's Gundam Deathscythe is destroyed in a public viewing of space by possible OZ recruits, one of whom is a familiar face.

After the assassination of pacifist Hiiro Yui, the President of the Colonies, the Alliance cut off any and all communications between colonies. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.


Endless Waltz Movie Version. Zechs accepts an offer from Quinze to become the remxstered of White Fang. However, Une interrupts this when she remasteerd to destroy the space colonies using the missiles of Space Fortress Barge unless the Gundam pilots surrender.

Treize dismisses Relena from her position because he reasons, now that she has laid the foundation for peace, he will provide the military might required to bring it to fruition. OZ plans to transport the new Taurus mobile suits to their base in Siberia.

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Heero and Trowa confront Zechs for the first time since their battle in Antarctica and Zechs surrenders willingly. In the year After Colonyafter decades of oppression from the United Earth Sphere Alliance and its secret weapons organization, OZ, a group of rebels in the space colonies send down five mobile suits known as "Gundams" to overthrow the militaristic gjndam. This particular series offers yet another branch of the original story that, as mentioned earlier really helped to popularize the series as a whole.

Upon coming ashore, he is found by Relena Peacecraft, daughter of a peace-seeking politician, who witnesses Heero's descent to Earth.

My rewrite of the series. Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? Remaxtered is actively seeking business partnerships. Meanwhile, OZ's attempt to destroy the Wing Zero is intercepted by Zechs, who sacrifices the Tallgeese as a distraction in order to acquire the Gundam.

Heero is taken to an Alliance hospital, but Duo helps him escape and later returns the Wing Gundam to him.

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Though there were a few revolts over the years, win most recent ones on Colony V in the L2 cluster and X in L3 seven years earlier, things remained peaceful for the most part, and the ruling councils of each colony began to rely on the Alliance's military power to keep the now-fragile peace.

Relena meets with Duke Dermail, who declares the Sanc Kingdom hypocritical as Zechs continues to fight Romefeller in space. When the colonies proclaimed their opposition to this, their leader was assassinated.

Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. All DVD's are in very good condition and have been part of a collection and barely played. New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: At the same time, Zechs gathers the remains of the Wing Gundam and plans to rebuild it, seeking a rematch of his interrupted duel despite not knowing whether or not Heero is still alive.

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