Go chicken fat go

I had to google it to see where it came from. I read your article and much enjoyed it. Yes, they used a "sound-alike" for Robert Preston in the ad. I work out 50 minutes a day, five days a week, but I tried it to the song this morning.

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My grandmother married a man 18 years her senior as did I.

What a kick to hear this again and now know it's origin. Oh, horrible, horrible, most horrible.

Thank goodness for the record. I've told people that anyone who wants to get into acting should be required to listen to this. As Chris noted, it's available on iTunes, or you can go to YouTube and use the Realplayer downloader or any free web-based downloaderand download it to your hard drive.

And yes, it is not shocking to hear that you woke up with that mesmerizing song in your head. Glad to know you survived it in grade school. Among his other writing, he has a long-time column on technology which he sometimes understandsand co-wrote a book on world travel.

Just wondering if anyone knows how to get a cd version of this? Congrats on the weight loss, and I hope you stick around and find other things in the hallway worth reading. Robert Preston doesn't let up even a hiccup on this silliness for over six minutes.

Atlas Employees and Go You Chicken Fat Go! - Video Dailymotion

The memories this song brings back: It's such a odd, bizarre number, but the history behind it is spectacular. His performance in "Finnegan Begin Again" is breathlessly natural. This recording is ample proof of it, but then there's a volume of evidence to support it.

And on that end, it's enthralling. You can see Harold Hill chcken this to the kids of River City.

Robert Preston – Chicken Fat Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

And an interesting comment about Bolero, which apparently is the "Chicken Fat" of symphony orchestras. I would have sworm that that song went on for 30 minutes or more. And thank goodness for the internet.

I am old enough to have been in grade school during President Kennedy's administration, and remember this song when it was new.

Chicken Fat

Recently, I chickdn parts of the "Chicken Song" as part of a television ad. Do you know where I can get this either for free or to purchase? I'm sure they only recorded one version -- and can't imagine a minute version of it.

What a perfect og and what wonderful memories of the fun and the benefits those students had each time they exercised to Robert Preston energetic singing directions. I had a cassette tape with this in the '70's and exercised to it then. He chocken a respectable job, but as you can tell it doesn't compare to the spectacular job that Robert Preston does.

The commercial shows people swimming, running, and checking their weight while connected to iPhone apps fah accessories to a recording of "Chicken Fat". Nothing like the aroma of sweaty sixth graders in the morning! All reasonably interesting as a bit of music, theater and presidential history.

Debbie, thanks for your note. For what it's worth, I fell off my own seat when I heard it, too, but for the reason of having written about a year ago. I just wonder -- should an adult do it? Thanks for your note.

Eileen, thanks for your note.

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