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Times, Sunday Times But we know when he is on it there is no question about his technical ability. The Manual mode allows you, if you wish, to manually select your domains of activity. Nearby words of 'technical'. The Times Literary Supplement Production is not just about technical concerns. Times, Sunday Times The test flights have been delayed because of technical problems.

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Times, Sunday Times They need to have the technical skills.

Many technical experts at the time had doubts about the technology. Times, Sunday Times The differences between the two practices are otherwise just technical.

English-German Dictionary

Definition of technical from the Collins English Dictionary. Times, Sunday Times It's certainly not skilled and technical jobs they're stealing. Store your translation history. This means that a noun causes other words such as adjectives to change their spelling according to certain rules.

Times, Sunday Times The technical problems and expense of this kind of research mean that it has to be funded internationally. Times, Sunday Times The colleges teach technical skills alongside the core curriculum. Related Terms of 'technical'. Times, Sunday Times Behaviour in technical areas will also be more rigorously enforced. Definition of 'technical' Word Frequency. Then press the Validate button to confirm this choice of languages.

The civil service suffers most from a lack of technical knowledge. TechDico gives you acces to the most valuable translation ressources available: Christianity Today Management skills rather than technical ones will be in demand.

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In the realm of sculpture too, the technical skill of foreign artists was long recognised. Example sentences containing 'technical' These examples have been englizh selected and may contain sensitive content. Translate your text for free. The Paul Noble Method. Times, Sunday Times The test flights have been delayed because of technical problems.

Dictionary of Technical Terms

Times, Sunday Times The government is held to be promising changed standards and financial and technical aid. Catch up on the latest words in the news this September with Robert Groves.

Without ads Bilingual search Non-limited multilingual search Last englisb history Your history and your vocabulary available on all your devices Your vocabulary not limited More translation results Office plug-in. Times, Sunday Times More Synonyms of technical.

In some languages, nouns have gender. All the latest wordy news, linguistic insights, tecnnical and competitions every month. The Sun There are also two rather unsavoury technical details that must be considered. The Times Literary Supplement Production is not just about technical concerns.

Definition of 'technical'

Times, Sunday Times What they lack in technical skill they more than make up in sheer exuberance and joy. Nearby words of 'technical'. The Times Literary Supplement The technical financial skills can be taught to new recruits. Times, Sunday Times The modelling task and technical difficulties are just too great. The Sun We made a distinction there between scientific knowledge and technical knowledge about language.

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