Egyptian style font

But with mechanisation, and major innovations in printing technology e. Newslab Family By Latinotype in Fonts. Artegra Slab By Artegra in Fonts. They make what is a traditionally blocky style into something a little bit more fun. Contrast was reduced, the serifs thinned somewhat and up with the x-height for legibility at those smaller sizes.

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And egytpian glyphs per font, there are options galore. Either way, I dig it, because it's chunky, but also bold and unique. That's a whole lot of options, and Artegra Slab seemingly has them all.

Free lettering worksheets Download now! The Fat Face, then, is basically an Obese Didone.

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It's not the thickest of the Egyptian fonts on this page, but it's not too thin, either. I know, it's not the best use case for everything, but sometimes I want to use them to accentuate the text just so, and Ultra Pro has them. I like having choices, and having thick, thin, condensed, light and heavy versions give me tons of options for my next design. As an Arizona resident, I'm well aware of our little version of Westworldexcept I kind of wish I was a host sometimes.

Like the industrial revolution, the Slab Serif was born in Britain, and was no doubt inspired by a new wave of advertising, and those beefy letter forms that could be found on just about every billboard, pamphlet, and poster of the day. It's also a western-ish font, which could look at home either on a wanted poster or a cool steampunk poster.

Some people call them Egyptian fonts, which goes back to the history of the design. And, of course, the heavier weights and caps work beautifully for display. Those posters were a riot of big type, often a half-dozen different styles on a single page.

Egyptian Fonts

That kind of balance is also useful. Since Egypt was so popular, typeface designers at the ztyle decided that they should leverage that as a naming convention on their newest font styles. By the mids, another sub-set of the Slab Serif class of types began to emerge—the Clarendons. It's curvy, yet angular.

When I'm not working taking pictures of old cars and trucks, I'm either writing articles for Creative Market or hawking stickers at Whipps Sticker Co. Until this time, type was designed to serve one purpose—it was designed for long stretches of texts, for books.

It comes in numerous weights, has an excellent italic accompaniment, and just looks damn good. Revers By Leitmotif in Fonts. Download these worksheets and start practicing with simple instructions and tracing exercises.

The lowercase "a" in particular just looks so distinctive, and Sfyle can imagine using egyptjan font in a logo design or something similar.

And one thing that attracted a lot of attention was the language, specifically, the use of cartouches in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

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Because the argument could stye made that the Egyptian Hieroglyph Slab Serif was made purely as a display type — arguably the first of its kind. That's pretty crazy, even by today's standards.

But today they're more commonly lumped in with Slab Serifs, which technically they are. For me, the detail is in that second slide. The first Fat Face was designed by Robert Thorne c.

Download Old Egypt Glyphs Font

Remember the animated newspapers from the books and more specifically the films? There are no similarities between the two.

You must be signed in to post a comment. Getting started with hand lettering? Now I know what you're thinking right now: Thus was born the the display face—type for use at large sizes, for short bursts of copy.

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