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Nigel Thatch Morehouse Guy. In retaliation, Reggie grabs a chair, smashes it over the bodyguards head and beats down the bodyguard and belligerently fights against Luke and his friends, only for him to be gang-beaten and thrown into a glass window. When Ronnie discovers Ebony unconscious, she and Junior flee the hotel room as she scolds him. Editor 1 Credit Suzanne Hines. This nigga Junior waiting by the door with his ear to it like he never seen a stripper before.

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She hanging with Ronnie at weird white guy police fetish parties.

I have a better chance of fucking Sofia Vegara in the white house than Diamond keeping Ebony on the straight path in a strip club. All you smell probably after that is burnt ass and mustiness in the air.

Jossie Harris Stripper 1. Soon, Reggie, Clyde and the other guests leave, wanting no further involvement with Junior. Casting 1 Credit Kimberly Hardin. Super Troopers 2 5. Blue is a top DJ at a radio station, and that he and Diamond are moving further in their relationship.

Game on, Charles 5. After Dollar Bill gives a heartfelt, passionate, xlub speech about the skripping bidness that was better than any speech Abraham Lincoln bitch ass ever told in history, Ebony is ready, willing, and able to become a professional pussy popper.

Angela Rye's Midterm Election Special

I told you niggas named Lance are weird. That same night, St.

She runs to look for Ebony and sees that Lance weird ass fucked Ebony in her bed and Diamond tries to take that nigga soul with a revolver and Ebony's hoe transformation is complete! Three Queens, Two Tigers 6. Diamond nervous as fuck and she gives her first lap dance to a nigga named Myron.

He personally shoots up the club though he does give warning to the customers beforehand, allowing them to leave. Sound 1 Credit Russell Williams. Judy Ann Elder Mrs. Michael Clarke Duncan Bodyguard. Later, one of St. Stunts 1 Credit William Washington. Diamond passes out on the bed drunk, and the men at the party offer to pay Ronnie to perform cunnilingus on Diamond. Ronnie and Tricks are arrested by the police on charges of the rape of Ebony, and Junior had been arrested moments before.


The Players Club - Wikipedia

He was really on some final boss in a video game type shit. Cinematographer 1 Credit Malik Hassan Sayeed.

How you this excited for a stripper and your sister is one? Musical Composer 2 Credits Hidden Faces. Either Junior gotta be a lame ass nigga or broke because strippers will dance at bachelor parties quick as fuck.

The next day as Dollar Bill tries to leave the club, St. Louis and his men leave. Clyde then gets up and begins throwing punches himself. Louis that Dollar Bill is not at the club; St. Louis' men Brooklyn destroy the club with a LAW rocket. Only females do shit like that. I dunno if she really worked at a Shoe Carnival but all I know is every heel in that muhfucka was ugly. Ebony is soon out of control - drinking excessively, staying out all night ,and influenced more and more by Ronnie and Tricks, who encourage Ebony to do more out-of-club parties for groups of men.

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