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Everyone needs a great word processor, and Microsoft Word is one of the best thanks to its wide format support, integration with other Office apps and huge range of high-quality templates. OpenOffice provides fewer templates than LibreOffice by default, but there are thousands available to download , so this isn't a concern. Now that Microsoft has made a concerted effort to switch everyone to a subscription model for Office , it's even more tempting to opt for a free alternative.

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They also let you access or unblock content that's otherwise limited to users located in particular countries. If you like using Office or later, the move will be pretty much seamless.

If you are looking for an industrial-strength word processor bewt across desktop and mobile devices, you probably will have to pay for it.

And they're both free. All free VPNs have their drawbacks, one of which could be unwanted advertising. Our preference is Gmail, but if you have an iPhone, Apple's own iCloud email is advert-free.

WordPad is a basic word-processing program that you can use to create and edit documents. This means that reported bugs and vulnerabilities are likely to be fixed sooner in LibreOffice, and new features qord added sooner.

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What is a word-processing app? If you want free, Google Docs is available via a browser for desktop computers and as an app for mobile devices. Many word processors offer collaboration tools for sharing and working on documents with colleagues. Both Microsoft Word and Google Docs come with collaboration tools that let teams work on documents together in real time. There is no additional software required. You'll find more alternatives in our guide to the best backup software.

It features a ribbon interface and almost identical icons. Photoshop is still the benchmark for photo editors, but there are two cheaper alternatives: Opinions will always be divided on the best free antivirus software and, as with paid-for AV software, test results will change on an almost daily basis because makers update their databases and algorithms.

Our pick is LibreOffice, which is now far from being a mere off-shoot of OpenOffice. Some word processors, such as Word and Google Docs, come with a collection of prebuilt templates fre adding a tailored look to a document.

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Use professional-looking effects for text, shapes You could switch to any of these programs today and begin working immediately. What about collaboration on text documents? Gest there's good file format support, imported Word documents might look very different if they use formatting and features not supported by Docs, or rely on locally stored fonts.

Using UWP you can email your document content. All the essentials are there, and FreeOffice TextMaker makes it particularly easy to create interactive documents with fields and bookmarks, which you can then save as PDFs.

Clifford Colby follows the Mac and Android markets for Download.

We've compared the best free email services in detail separately. See more Software news. Email is one of those personal things where, as with antivirus, any recommendation is always going to be controversial. Adding Grammarly to MS Office means that your spelling and grammar will be further vetted on both Also, there are plenty of free PDF editors which allow you to convert a non-editable file into a format, such as.

Best Free Software for Windows

It does help you keep track In case you didn't know, Windows has one built-in: Some Windows programmes cost hundreds of pounds. Opening existing documents can be a bit of a hassle — you need to upload them to Google Drive before you can start editing them in Docs.

For most people LibreOffice offers everything progam need, being just about as compatible with Microsoft Office as it's possible to get.

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