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Via his Web site, the bridge player can purchase these items and even read excerpts from his books before purchase. Based in New York City, Freeverse titles have received numerous awards and its original characters have appeared in TimeDigital, Wired, and Animation World magazines, as well as in national television commercials for Blockbuster Video. It also contains features that help in learning how to play as well as being able to analyse hands.

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Enter as little or as much from the traveller as you wish to quickly score each hand.

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BridgeScor - Located in the United Kingdom. Intelligent robots will assign movements dependant of the number of pairs and rounds. These have been archived.

In Match mode, you play a series of hands against a closed room opponent and can play Teams, Pairs and Individual matches. The programs Teams en Pairs have been used since for all official contests of the Dutch Bridge Federation.

Bridge Is Cool An interactive Internet site established and presented in for younger players. Classic games have been retired; new Chess, Spades, and more on the way!


Beschrijving Funbridge is een online bridgespel waarmee u bridge kunt leren spelen waar en wanneer u maar wilt. Zou alleen graag Acol willen spelen zoals veel anderen. Both IBM and Mac versions.

It was a verbal approval which was recorded on a telephone answering machine and can be played back if you want to hear it. TopBridge - Welcome to Topbridge. Bridgetrix Homepage - Presently Off Line. IBM compatible, Windows 3. Bridge Base Online represents an entirely new concept in online bridge. In Practice mode, you have full control over every element of the game, and you can redeal, rebid, replay, take back cards, peek, and cheat as much as you want.

MVP Bridge - Acknowledged as the best shareware Bridge game available, this major new version includes improved Artificial Intelligence for better bidding and play, internet multiplayer support, new color graphics, an improved tutorial for Bridge beginners, 13 conventions, and the best user interface of any Bridge game available.

U wordt opgenomen in een klassement waardoor u uw eigen spel kunt vergelijken met dat van anderen. You do not need any Microsoft Office products such as Excel or Access. This software is only designed for those computers running Wind 3. Common-Controls" She very much prefers her spider solitaire one colour and cards draggable. Micro Bridge 10 - See also: The game has been produced by Mr.

The input of scores can only be done from the keyboard. Winner of the,and World Computer Bridge Championships. The software includes an online bridge tutorial.

Contract Bridge and mom - Eindeloos bridge 5 & 9

Bridge Buff See also: Brent Manley and Mr. Bridge Base Online Download is required. Play whenever you like and as many sessions as you like. The program presents you with a series of instructional deals to play. Shark Bridge Card Game. Als u zich abonneert in een andere munteenheid, kan de prijs licht afwijken als uw bank provisiekosten berekent. Jack Computer Bridge - Select from four different languages.

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