Bas rutten mma system workout

Neck training, use a towel to put under your head, when you are working out on a hard floor. Now you are going to do the same thing every time that you have this Thai boxing workout only you are going to increase the rounds on the Thai pads PLUS you are going from the 2 minute rounds on side "A" to the 3 minute rounds on side "B. Neck training rollover back of the head Abs abs exercise that you like Jumping squats Lunges single leg squats Jump with your knees to your chest Push up stand, knees to the chest, one on one.

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Also you can hear on this tape: This schedule is for somebody who is in normal shape and who hasn't fought for a while. It doesn't have to workotu after a Thai boxing session. Start with the boxing tape, because if you know that one, you pretty much know all the other tapes. Like dubble for example: They will improve your stamina and power. Stretch some more and start sparring.

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If you are jabbing, try to also make these punches also KO punches. Once you can do this easily, you will only have to leave a combo out every once and a while, then after some time, which is different for everybody, you can do the bae tape without leaving out any combinations.

Remember also to punch with your whole body, not just your arms. Don't worry, you will get it later!!

The tapes became perfect for me for when I had no training partner or when I didn't want to go out and train in a gym, but still wanted to have a good work - out. Neck training, use a towel to put under your head, when you are working out on a hard floor. Be aware of this the whole time.

Then play them one after another. So For instance, when 1 shout "4" you make a 4 with an extra RS.

Welcome to Bas Rutten Instructionals

Also a very smart thing to do is to play the cassette in your car, so that you can visualize them I mean the boxing combo's with this. DON'T have them up in the air. The ball of your foot, it needs to be connected to the floor ruften the moment of impact!

Like this, do the 1st combo but skip the 2nd, then take the 3 rd one again and skip the 4th, etc. If you are doing the Thai Boxing tape and it is going to fast for you, use knees instead owrkout kicks.

You can do the rounds also on the bag, but if you have a partner, the Thai pads are always better because then your partner can push you. Then start with 3 rounds of side "A" of the "Thai-boxing tape" doing them on the Thai pads.

Video cannot be played.

NO, Just do it like this: When I did this warm up tape a few times, Workoht discovered that I really liked it and from that moment on I started to rewind the tape a couple of times and made it a workout.

This will help you a lot in the workout. Every time that I train I use three rounds of the "All-round fighting tape" as a warmup. If you do the boxing tape, and you do it shadow boxing, don't stay on one spot, move forward, backward, to the side, etc.

Bas Rutten Instructionals | MMA and Fighting Instructional Vidoes

Visualize See yourself doing them! When you are used to the speed, you can start kicking if you like. I am telling you, "This beats tutten rope!! When you make a hook, make sure that your sysetm stays in the same line as your fist, or a little lower, which is what 1 like, a little lower, but NEVER higher!

If you think about rtten rhythm of the combination, the combination will get better and faster I explain this on the videotape If you feel that you can do a lot more, because so you are not getting tired from this anymore normally only with the shadow box routines you can start with adding punches to the combo's that 1 shout. Make sure that your elbows stay close to your body with the straight punches.

AND, of course you can do this workout also after a grappling or wrestling sparring session.

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