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Extra Boy Average user rating of 4. Latest User Reviews Average user rating of 0. A scrolling Spectrograph mode provides a further powerful diagnostic tool by which to visually identify individual instruments and edit their audio properties. Isolate or Remove ROIs at the touch of a button. Full PDC Compensation in compatible hosts.

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When using it for vocal removal, there are some artifacts left but they're minor and livable, especially after some tweaking of the controls, which let you tune the effect quite a bit. Please add a comment explaining the extda behind your vote. Selectable in real-time with full scaling of ROIs. The most popular version among the software users is 5.

Isolate or Remove ROIs at the touch of a button. Right now there's not much info on what any control elevayya.

I've not tried it yet as any sort of effect; I don't expect to find anything too useful for my purposes, but I might be surprised. For lack of any other choice, I'd always done the "invert one track and sum" approach and hated the results. Choose between either mode or combine. User configurable startup mode and latency depending on maximum desired quality. Extra boy vocal remover. Average user rating of 4.

Boost or suppress individual instruments using a single slider. It incorporates a 2D Spectral-Spatial editing mode by which individual boh, having been visually identified by their Spectral-Spatial graphical signature, can simply be deleted from the mix.

KVR: Extra Boy by Elevayta - Vocal Remover VST Plugin

Not a lot, but some. Latest User Reviews Average user rating of 0. Scrolling multi-resolution Spectrograph display with 'land-marking' tool for cross-correlation of features within the Spectral-Spatial display. I expect a program to work on its own, and not have to be installed into another programs directory. I'm not entirely sure it was worth spreading the controls over two tabs, but what the heck.

Elevayta extra boy pro full version. Harmless by Image Line Synth Hybrid.


I may well make a donation for this one. It functions as a VST Plugin. Download Elevayta Extra Boy Pro. There are a number of buttons that give you different modes of operation, but I'm not sure I'd call them presets. Vocal Remover Spectral Processor. The sliders are mostly pretty obvious, but the buttons aren't always.

Extra Boy incorporates two completely different algorithms for vocal removal - choose whichever suits your material best or combine both. Password Boy Pro Privacy. If the program is ziped, as this one is, it should have auto extration. Extra Boy Pro name derived from 'Extract' is a tool that can be used to isolate, remove, suppress or enhance ANY part of a stereo audio track! Vocal Remover Spectral Processor.

Extra Boy Average user rating of 4. Extra Boy by Elevayta. All of the functionality of Extra Boy.

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