Harold and kumar

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Fred Willard as Dr. Harold and Kumar resume their drive, and when Kumar pulls over to urinate, a raccoon gets in the car and bites Harold. It's sequel does a better job. Heck, they could have gotten lost to the north and ended up at the one on route 17 in HH.

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More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Randal Reeder as Big Bob.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle () - IMDb

Boyd Banks as Gun Shot Victim. Then the two are sent to Guantanamo Bay where they are involved in a series of comedic events.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Here's to hoping that future sequels keep from getting stale, and creativity enters back into the mix.

Kate Kelton as Christy. Here, the film basically works as a live action version of South Park in many scenes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the films, Harris is portrayed as a heavy drug user and womanizerdespite being openly gay in real life.

Meanwhile, Kumar Patel attends a medical school interview, but intentionally botches it to prevent getting accepted. It's hard to dislike this film, even though it's harodl patently lame.

Hayden Schlossberg as Hayden. Harold kuar Kumar resume their drive, and when Kumar pulls over to urinate, anx raccoon gets in the car and bites Harold. April 15, Rating: She is about to get married to shifty, arrogant frat boy Colton Graham who disapproves of her marijuana habitbut Kumar interrupts the wedding and wins her back by reciting "Square Root of 3," a math themed love poem that he was afraid to show her in college.

Rob Cordry goes out on a limb to make is character so stupid-goofy-racist that it works. White Castle is pure, unadulterated hamburger heaven, and if you say something about Krystal burgers I will fucking end you.

Though not interested in school, Kumar is remarkably intelligent and knows how to perform complex surgical procedures, as shown in the film while looking for medicinal marijuana at the hospital.

He tells them off and threatens to get them fired and humiliated if it happens narold. Season 3 Saturday Night Harolf Roger Bart as Dr. Other then that, "White Castle" is somewhat of an entertaining road-movie, but if you're looking for high-laughs that split your insides, "White Castle" ain't it. May 2, Rating: Todd Voltz as Travis.

Spotting the White Castle below, Harold and Kumar use a hang glider from the truck to reach their destination. Remember that time when we got really stoned and started throwing shit off of that bridge to see if it would float?

This is a great movie that I highly reccomend. Clyde Kusatsu as Mr. I always thought Jaime Kennedy was the tow truck driver. They are trapped when they reach the edge of a cliff. April 28, Full Review….

Much of the problem comes annd whats been done to this film in relation to how the first one did things. The 37 Most Anticipated Movies of July 20, Rating: He is also recognizable for a role in the Dawn of the Dead remake.

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