Half life single player maps

After a year or so of practice, I finally made something I really feel proud of. After the nihilanth was slain, few creatures of it's creation lived since there was no other creature to reproduce the creatures to spread t. I got so much email and comments from the first map, onawire, so here is my next masterpeice, nitewire.

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Under the castles you can walk through the underground cellar and make your way from one castle to the other.

Half-Life | RTSL

This is a map of my current school - and was my first attempt at a halflife map. Mr Freeman has once again been "recruited" by the elusive and stone-faced g-man to handle a "situation' that could prove catastrophic if not handled immediately.

Title Bunker Command v2. A tale involving great riches, but even greater peril.

Title Cybernetic Crowbar Combat Filename ccc. It certainly isn't the best level out there, but I think singld pretty cool. This is a sort of a mixed themed map although there is a strong 'Datacore' theme throughout. Play Information Title Marathon Filename marathon.

List of Half-Life Maps

A Half-Life single player Custom Game with: What it actually is is the gigantic mansion of Resident Evil 1 for those who dont know: Normally after I release a level I spend a while readjusting myself.

The main map has a castle, an evil dragon nest hive area and a cave between these two areas. Some of the best maps released after 2. Short map inside a very tall secret Combine prison.

Nailer Email Address nailer pyramid. Fixes some small map bugs. You were working for a foreign government, after you had been sacked from your original posting for disobeying orders. Good for lan games or small internet games.

The streets singlw dangerous place. Quote, "Small single player map Story Below and er, this is my first half-life map so I really hope you can haof me some advice, Please. Natural lighting, very fast deathmatch map. See if you can make it from your house to the corner store without getting.

But it is based off the actual architecture of the upper school commons building of the Oakridge School in Arlington, Texas Love maps with small rooms and not rooms the size of cath. A very small facility with weird architecture and interesting parts that might confuse players. If you don't like it, don't. The level is fairly short and linear. This is my third ever 3d level.

Once upon a time there was a post on the Valve ERC forums that initiated a cooperative single player mapping project. Prevent Terrorists from bombing either of the crate caches containing chemical warfare weapons.

One small room packed with 8 crowbaring blood thirsty bastards. Ever dreamed of expelling buckshot into someones chest while cruising around on an intergalactic spaceship?

A multiplayer map basically consisting of 3 major fighting areas, mape the three areas that make up the training facility - Climbing Access, Aquatic Training Access and Target Range Access. The small chapel at the heart of Rivendale.

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