Aventura el malo

You will be the Cinderella, he, he will be the inadequate fool,. But also fitting in with the classic archeotypes of the "the fool," he is a fool because he can not have her, her heart is with the villain. He gives you his love. Songwriting , Piano , Harmonica , Guitar. Click to see the original lyrics.

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He does not understand the procedure of how and when mall kiss you. Translation, from Spanish to English often requires understanding of regional and cultural usage of words. El malo English translation. With no manners and just being faithful you still yearn for me, the bad one, who caresses your skin.

Aventura - El malo lyrics + English translation

El malo 9 translations Translations: Tu seras mi cinderella, el, el tonto que da pena, y aunque yo no sea un principe azul. Popular Artists Popular Songs.

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Login or register to post comments. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Spanish Also available in: I found the missing verse: Here's an almost correct version of the song aventkra english. Hope it's useful for your project: Es tan sincero, contrario a mis defectos, pero sigo siendo el malo que no dejas de querer.

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Login Registration Sign In. Click to see the original lyrics. Si tu deliras por el malo que te heriza la piel.

E, new translation Add new request. If you're using this site in some other language than English, it should be in the list in that Tendrias que volver a nacer, para ver si en otra vida te enamoras de el. El malo 9 translations Translations: Que me pregunte como te conquiste. I hope you guys understand its message, mallo a really great song! El malo English translation.

Soy tu amor, y tu dilemma, y al igual que en las novelas, soy el malo con una virtud.

Aventura - El Malo Lyrics

You have been very helpful! You will be the Cinderella, he, he will be the inadequate fool. El malo, in storytelling is the "bad one" but more precisely "the villian.

Submitted by delamare at Mon 29 Nov, 5: Login or register to post comments. Aventura El malo English translation. He doesnt understand the procedure of how and when to give a kiss.

Thank you very much! Que anote mis truquitos en papel.

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