Idea net setter e303d unlock

Its always better to use a Unlocked 3G Dongle so you may use any of the Telecom provider fitting your budget. Post by Aliakbar Ali alias Aliakbar Fakhri here. Thanks a Lot Bro..

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How to Unlock Idea Netsetter E303D – Simple Trick

Step 4 Run the patcher downloaded in step 1. Anees May 1, at 7: Now plug in your Idea netsetter again on your PC with different SIM card and you will find that your dongle is successfully unlocked.

Ali, thanks for posting this tutorial, I was waiting for it as i have requested so many times on your TricksMe FB Page, Will try to Unlock my netsetter tomorrow with these steps, Thank you! This blog is really cool, Estter like design and unique content. Yeah this is thew new Trick, with with new APN. Step 6 Once completed, unplug your netsetter and check whether it is unlocked by using another SIM. Bismil May 25, at 9: After connecting your dongle to your Unloco, open the downloaded Idea netsetter unlock tool and then it will automatically detect your dongle through the COM port.

How to unlock Idea 3G Net Setter ED

Now you need to wait till the drivers get automatically installed on your PC. Here is, how to unlock any Idea Modem unlocm free of cost: If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to contact us using the Contact link below.

Now click on the Calculate button. Wait till it detects your netsetter.

Make sure no SIM is inserted in the dongle. Aliakbar Fakhri Author September 22, at 3: Hey ali, docomo is still working or not in MH???? Initially you will need to download the little app: Day by day its getting harder to unlocked dongles because of the increased security but however technology beyond makes it possible to unlock almost everything: We believe in providing quality content to our readers.

Sana Husain September 22, at 1: Many of the blogs sharing the older tweaks were no working but they still promoted it just to generate traffic and income. You can get it from the link http: In any case, if it does not work, here is an alternative. Now you need to just hit of to the unlock button which will be unlcok for you on the right bottom side and then wait till the firmware gets patched.

Your email address will not be published. First step is to download the latest Huawei Firmware patcher app on your PC from web. The unlocking process will be initiated. Share us your experience in the comments sections below, Also if you are facing any kind of issues while unlocking, Do ask us and we will try out best to resolve your issue and Like TweaksMe ent Facebook to get yourself updated towards latest Tweaks.

Just follow the steps below before implementing. Paste the unlock code here and press enter. Idea India is promoting its 3G services by providing Huawei wireless modems re-branding it with Idea.

It will give you the Unlock code for your net setter. Away from the blogosphere, I love listening to music and am a tech detter. Just follow the simple steps given below ad you are done.

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