Hibernate in action

Hibernate in Action carefully explains the concepts you need, then gets you going. Problems relating to associations. Performance considerations Chapter Just about everything I could say about this book has been already said.

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Manning Releases Hibernate in Action Book (Blatant Advertising forum at Coderanch)

Implementing the domain model 3. That's great when you are trying to apply Hibernate to the real world, where things get more complicated then "Hello World". Spring Batch in Action Olivier Bazoud. Automatic schema generation 9.

This is truely a great book. Positioned as a actipn between your application and your database, Hibernate takes care of loading and saving of objects. Volume 3 Peter J. Generating POJO code 9.

The authors created Hibernate and they field questions from the Hibernate community every day - they know how to make Hibernate sing. People who bought this also bought. The problem of granularity. The persistence manager 4. Write a customer review. Making an object persistent.

See all 66 reviews. It is the first and only full tutorial, reference, and authoritative guide, and one of the most anticipated books of the year for Hibernate users. Eloquent Javascript, 2nd Ed.

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Python Crash Course Eric Matthes. Transparent and automated persistence. However, I struggled a bit with the online documentation until I decided to buy this book. State of the art Chapter 2.

Transactions, concurrency, and caching. Native Lucene, scoring, and the wheel Chapter Hibernate in Action carefully explains the concepts you need, then gets you going. They answered many community questions.

Getting started with Hibernate Search Part 2. Enter Hibernate, a popular open-source solution for ORM designed to meet some of the perceived shortcomings of the more traditional Java persistence mechanisms. Mapping collections of value types 6. I used this book to learn Hibernate many years ago, iin I still refer to it occasionally, even though it's a bit dated now. Manning is based in Greenwich, Hbiernate.

Polymorphic associations and table-per-concrete-class. Christian Bauer, Gavin King Publisher: Setting value type attributes. Fluent Python Luciano Ramalho. Working with application transactions 5.

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