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Now here is your chance to get a technology that was not available so far to anyone. Star Star Theme is a new modern template based on Bootstrap, this new template is the beginning of a new generation and evolution of AB script. Entertain your visitors with hundreds of games categorized and feature new features for your members, ratings, favorite games, member profiles, and more. There is a top rated, most played, shuffle button and a search bar for choosy players. Rate our website and Flash game script to let us and other visitors know how much you like it.

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No qualification is needed. This arcade game script is completely unique and never have been seen anything like this in the world. Watch Jeff's short video about his own rapid success story! Johnny DoomoJan 6, IP.

Responsive HTML5, Flash Games & ROMs Games Platform - Arcade Game Script

Comments Show the name of the game in the list instead of the id - Improved search results page - Added keyword support for games - Enabling caching of html pages in the dashboard - Media pagination in the dashboard - Fixed a problem that returned an error in Dashboard statistics when no game has yet been played to calculate statistics - Add on the profiles the total of the notes, the total of the comments and the total of the favorites and display them in falsh under the photo - Logo edition in the dashboard text, images, library of icons included - Adding new pages clash sitemap ver 1.

You can participate in the implementation of future features from our forums at this address:. Our system then shows relevant gaming ads fflash in the form of pre-roll or plugs which will lead you and game developer to earn money.

Yes, my password is: My new Arcade site now looks great.

A new popular classic arcade template suitable for racing and car games, action games, fighting games and so on. You can even change category icons by uploding a new one. We will likely publish your feedback on our website.

We want the best for our customers. Rate our website and Flash game script to let us and other visitors know how much you like it. You can manage your advertisements here, and include the ad codes provided by any ad network.

So we manage things to be well organized and simply ordered.

Choose the Standard release if you want to use your product only on one web page with one template you can choose from 3. To have a portal like this, the only way was to hire programmers, designers, Gamds professionals, marketing gurus and many others.

Fflash Online Demo Download v 1. Feel free to send us your testimonial about us and about our software toif you are satisfied with the software and with our support service. It is now possible to make a new request to send the confirmation mail when the account is not yet approved. David Sutton a satisfied customer from Arcade-Games-Online. It is optimized to fulfill the newest needs among addicted players, and for maximizing your income with discrete high-paying ad spaces.

This theme is provided in low price so even free license users can buy and use. There is a top rated, most played, shuffle button and a search bar for choosy players.

Any Flash Game script??

Fast svript easy payment process is secured by PayPal. About Us Our vision was to create a powerful and user friendly online gamer portal for website owners, webmasters and for their visitors. Your feedback might help us developing the platform. Cross Platform Support and Responsive Design gives a high performance to your arcade games script.

We really take care about you and your experience with gamed game script. Hitting massive amounts of traffic from huge authority websites!

The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.

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Why add games with no benefit? Unless you can come up with something unique.

We have taken particular care to the code and have developed each of these aspects in a logical SEO friendly so that the search engines can easily index the content and position it effectively. We also maintain the code and publish high quality updates frequently.

There might be better scripts out there but I couldn't find one that could match my needs as theBestArcadeScript.

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