Encyclopedia of sponge ball magic

Until then, if anyone out there can help us out, it would be MOST appreciated. Although you did not want additional references, it is very worthwhile to look at Doug Atkinson's excellent site Magic Reference Page. The Pretended Place Vanish. I have to write that there is no good substitute for this book as it's filled with around 20 useful vanishes and lots of interesting routines from Garcia himself and many of the old classic magicians.

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Hint, hint for you publishing types. Rcitgo Special user Emporia,Va. Thanks to everyone for their feedback. Although you did not want additional references, it is very worthwhile to look at Doug Atkinson's excellent site Magic Reference Page. It sounds like an ideal reference solution.

The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic

Is there an alternative reference to Garcia's Encyclopedia that offers the same wide scope of information for sponge balls? I hope that helped Greetings from Germany, Oli. Hello Bill, I don't know how many pictures there are in the Encyclopedia.

I will keep my eyes peeled wide though, and if I come across something, you'll be the first to know. This will at least give you a chance to get your hands on it for a few days.

The Magic Cafe Forums - Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic - Is there an alternative?

Jan 25, There's one up for auction at eBay now. I'm researching different sponge ball themes, vanishes, sleights, etc. Anyway, Walsh has a great retention of vision sponge ball move that I have been using for over 30 years. A very disappointing book about a fabulous artist and one who any close-up or walk-around performer owes a nod of recognition for paving the way.

Mike Walton Special user Chicago Posts. My 2, Rob My 2, Rob jimisolo houstonmagic. Jan 16, One Smile at or Time". As noted, the Garcia book is an encyclopedia, as such there is not one equivalent book that bball be compared to it.

Encyclopedia of Spongeball Magic

Bill Vietnam VeteranSgt. I'm typically a sponge ball vanish guy, but the new vanishes in my mind are brilliant. It seems this book is being bid up to reflect the combination of demand and lack of supply of this out of print, difficult to find book. Audley Walsh "Sponge Ball Magic". The Jacket Lapel Move.

Sponge Through Table into Spectator's Hand. Ideas, Reflections and More Ideas.

In terms of relatively easily obtainable books that are good alternatives to Frank Garcia's "Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball" magic my vote would go to: Thanks for your replies in advance.

In our own way we have all taken something from Don, a trick, a philosophy, a line or a performing style. Hollow Egg and Lemon Idea. I highly recommend this book for its usefulness. The Bob Elliott Razzle Dazzler. Retention, Vanishes, Take My Advice.

I learned much of what I know about sponge work by analyzing a televison performance of his "Martians" routine. D ata entered by Denis Behr.

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