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The HTC Kaiser, is also known as: To be true; YES. It does not work with Kingston 1Gb cards, and some other cards. If that happens, flash the Androidupdate instructions further down. All of your data, settings and additionally installed programs will be deleted.

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Views Read Edit View history. What radio are you using? If it's only specific to a given release, post on that release thread only. Not Known Internal Memory: In the menu, there's the option "Install Update".

Inside this folder you need to put the androidinstall.

It's virtually impossible to know your panel type, so choose one and test it. Most shipped ROMs delete cab-files after executing, most cooked do not.

Retrieved from " https: You can even have a ROM with radio only. A ROM contains the operating system and often additional software which can be "installed" to your mobile device.

HTC TyTN II - Wikipedia

Or you might also have Android without Gapps. If you choose another rom, more ancient than the kernel above, you might get a error during boot that you're missing the kernel modules. Choose yes on the following 2 prompts. First of all you should inform the creator by posting in the ROM's thread if the problem is not described yet.

The Radio ROM contains the drivers for the communication devices of your phone. Please note kaissr this method is meant only for the HTC Kaiser, for other devices please refer to their respective wiki.

HTC TyTN II - Full phone specifications

Atools or RogueTools inside Android? See categories help for further details, but most will probably be [[Category: The bootloader is the SPL Questions? Archived from the original on May 12, The HTC Kaiser, is also known as: This driver does not solve any 2D drawing problems GUI and menus.

Maybe, but see here first for possible solutions: A bootloader contains information about your device.

HTC TyTN II debuts in Europe; U.S. launch far behind?

I take no responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused by this flashing procedure. You are also doing everything bellow this point at your own peril. This page was last modified on 23 Novemberat Most ROMs provided by the chefs people who create customized ROMs just contain the operating system and additional applications.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This driver also uses software rendering, but it has been properly optimized for the ARM architecture.

Also tick the GPU overclock. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Many users within the community were dissatisfied by the apparent omission of a video driver that would allow hardware acceleration of graphics, particularly since the device included rendering hardware which was not being used.

If the thread is not recent, there a high chance you're question as already been answered. Before you continue, remember, you must have Hard-SPL ro.

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