House of sand and fog

She meets Deputy Sheriff Lester Burdon as he is escorting her off her property. Noticing an ad in the paper for an ocean-side bungalow that is being auctioned off at a ridiculously low price, Behrani sees his standard-American-Dream-type opportunity to quit working and manipulate the real-estate market by buying auctioned off homes and selling them at four-times what he originally paid. This novel is a brilliant explication of what can happen when two desperate people's lives collide and become entwined. My praise certainly does not go that high.

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Please enter your birth date to watch this video: Retrieved May 22, You've got to let it dry for a season. Fof is time for us to go home to our destiny.

Having said all that, maybe I should give it 5, or at least 4, stars, but I found that it isn't my kind of story in a way that I'm not sure I can explain. Though the film is somber, it certainly commands one's attention, and for a while one's respect.

To view it, click here. People who like a lot of character development.

DreamWorks Distribution Release Date: Because it was so far fetchedI was totally aware i was reading fiction the whole time, so the story and the characters never seemed real to me, thus the 3 star rating. Other countries get this.

House of Sand and Fog (novel) - Wikipedia

Their lives are ruined in this book, they share this in common. Dubus' framework allows us to be both outside-looking-in and inside-looking-out. This novel - outlining the doomed and intertwined lives of Behrani, a former colonel in Iran and now struggling to have a life of dignity in the USA; Kathy Nicolo, a pretty young woman given a raw deal by life; and Sheriff Lester Burdon, who falls in love with Kathy against his better judgement - is such a book.

Joyce Kurtz as Kathy's Mom. HomeReviewer May 16, So then, in the end, is Dubus III suggesting that this is a small story of the complications inherent in pursuing the American Dream? Taking Lester's advice, Kathy finds an attorney who assures her that because of the county's mistake, they will return Massoud's money and the house will be restored to her. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards: Jackie Ahdout as Elevator Woman. Kathy, as he soon finds out, is much more than a spark.

He does it all to keep up appearances, as well as keeping his wife happy in their Iranian community in San Francisco. In other projects Wikiquote. Dubus drags us through the legal system as the parties battle out the rights and wrongs of the case. Published October 2nd by W. Demanding, provoking and painfully slow. Neither of the characters were perfect, but neither could be classified as "bad guys".

I do appreciate the moments of internal struggle she shows, but it is hardly enough to redeem her.

There are also sections told in third-person that focus on Deputy Burden. It's just difficult to tell who Dubus III is siding with, or who's in the right.

Dubus's novel even as he comes very close to overcoming them Only reason I gave it two stars and not one is that it did hold my interest, surprisingly. Outside the office, Lester begins to manhandle Massoud and Esmail seizes Lester's gun and aims it at him.

House of Sand and Fog: A Novel

Kathy can sue the state, but that will take months, she's living out of her car, and well, she believes that it's still her house. Luck never just happens, you have to give luck a chance to reward you. Anyways, back to Dubas' book. Alas, once he is in the hostage situation, his two choices are to push forward and hope that Behrani does not press charges, or simply give up.

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