Avatar the dragon room

The offer was too tempting to refuse, thus, Iroh readily accepted. Atop the tea shop's roof, the Avatar had his final conversation with Avatar Roku before severing his spiritual connection to him, feeling that it was a new world that he needed to face alone. Iroh called Aang back inside after Zuko woke up.

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White fabric dividers are hung above the counter to limit the customer's view of the kitchen. Confirm Something went wrong, please try again.

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There is no one near to help you out. Right above the entrance is a framed piece of calligraphy displaying a proverb: He also did not wear the hat that the other workers and Iroh wore. Retrieved from " http: It is their job to serve the customers, provide refills and clear tables once customers have left. Decorative kettles and tea pots are also part of the decor. The Jasmine Dragon was also the place where Aang and Katara shared their passionate kiss, marking the start of their relationship.

The windows are on hinges, allowing them to fully swing open to let in the warm deagon of the Earth Kingdom and to let the sweet, inviting aroma of tea spread to passersby. Find some useful objects and hints to escape from your witch dragon room. Each male wears his long hair in a single braid down his back and has a round, dark yellow hat with a dark green rim and cross on his head.

The Jasmine Dragon is a traditional tea hhe in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se ; due to its location, its clientele mostly consists of the upper class citizens of the Earth Kingdom capital.

Iroh called Aang back inside after Zuko woke up. You are not logged in. Gathe Escape-Modern Girl Room.

The Dragon Room

Thank you, your vote was recorded and will show soon. Their attire ths of yellow pants and a dark green robe, tied around the waist with a belt; the green robe has a lighter green border which runs diagonally down the front and sports some detail at the sleeves. Right at the door, two hostesses are positioned.

Pao "protected" Iroh from Quon 's bribery. The former general was taken back to the Fire Nation to serve his time in aavatar Capital City Prisonleaving the Jasmine Dragon unattended. By continuing on our website, you consent that you read and understood these updated policies. It was once a failing business, but was completely revived after Iroh took over. The offer was too tempting to refuse, thus, Iroh readily accepted.

Jasmine Dragon

The main color of the dress is dark green, with light green borders at the side and the shoulders. Zuko told Aang of his attempts to find his mother, which Aang encouraged by saying that "it's a new world" and "[he] had to take risks". The day before the arrival of Sozin's CometIroh swore that he would liberate Ba Sing Se with the dragonn of the Order of the White Lotus and reconquer his tea shop, intending to spend his retirement serving tea avataar playing Pai Sho.

The building sports eighteen windows, nine on each side of the door, all agatar the street. Business picked up, and soon, the city was buzzing about Iroh's fame as the "finest tea maker in the city".

At both sides of the door is a large, round decorative window and located above the door is a black sign decorated with carefully applied golden letters to form the name of the shop. Puzzle 1 player Flash Escape Room Free.

Their job is to welcome the incoming customers and provide them with a table. Numerous intricate scroll paintings tge hung on each of the room's walls, each artistry different than the other.

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More than satisfied, Quon tried to poach Iroh away by offering to fulfill his lifelong dream of having his own tea shop. The dining area fills the majority of the available space.

The entrance to the back room is separated from the main area by green drapes which can be drawn back to provide an easier access to the kitchen.

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