I want to break

Belgium Ultratop 50 Flanders [35]. I want to break free. In most countries the other side of the disk contained the album version of the song "Machines or 'Back to Humans' ", in the US and Canada there was an instrumental version of this song, and in Brazil the other side featured the song " It's a Hard Life ". What's New, What's Notable". Archived from the original on 28 January

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Create an account with Brsak to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. General Comment Despite most people thinking that this song was written by Freddie about him being gay, the song was actually written by John Deacon and in my opinion I think it was kinda inspired by the fact that John's seen as the quiet one but he'd love to 'break free' or it could mean that he wants to end a relationship but feels he can't because he 'can't get used to living without' the person in particular, so there you go, I've given you plenty of points to comment on now so write a comment because I can't believe only2 people have commented on such a great song.

The album version is 3 minutes 20 seconds long. Taylor is busy with dishwashing bresk the kitchen, dressed as a stereotypical schoolgirl — blonde wig, white blouse, grey miniskirt, coloured tie and a straw hat behind his back. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! In Aprilit became number three in the United Kingdom, and was within the top 10 in many European and Latin American countries, but only peaked k number 45 on the US charts. He passes Deacon, who is sitting on a couch, dressed in a black cloak, gloves, grey wig and a hat.

I totally agree with nobodynowherenohow.

The single was certified gold in the UK. The crowd moves in sync with the music. The song was released in iTunes Store on February 24, She's still got that hold on him so that he's truly not free. By using this braek, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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And the last line, "So baby can't you see, I've got break free", re-enforces that: I am in a relationship that is over 30 years old. Keep Passing The Open Windows.

In the second part of the solo, more people wearing the same outfit join in and together they perform a choreographic l.

Although Lynch was a blonde in the soap opera, Mercury thought he would look too silly as a blonde and chose a dark wig.

As nobodynowherenohow says, I am unsure if she love me the same in return. May, Taylor and Deacon sit in the living room, reading u and magazines, including a issue of the Daily Mirror ; as May and Deacon read, Taylor is doing "her" school homework beside awnt table. I still love it to this day. Deacon appears as a conservative "grandma", while Taylor plays a schoolgirl, who like Mercury wants a different life.

I Want To Break Free lyrics - Queen original song - full version on Lyrics Freak

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Electronic Drums Roger Taylor. This person feels that because I am already in a relationship, I should remain true to it and will not tell me what she really feels. Mercury stops vacuuming and starts singing. Switzerland Schweizer Hitparade [43]. While all in all, I just want to break free, as the song says. Views Read Edit View history. I love songs like this that can identify with so many people that need to identify with a song. Some lines were sung by the audience, and "God knows" was chanted by the whole group.

I think we proved that. Retrieved 18 March He gets up, dressed in a pink shirt, pink socks and pink bunny -shaped slippers, with hair rollers in his head. The first verse is about his current relationship: It has three verses with one bridge ro, no chorus and relatively little section repetition.

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