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Let us use the iPad as a perfect little computer when we have to leave home for a while. The iPad being used is the first generation one which only runs iOS 5. My iPad discovered the mouse right away and to my surprise, a cursor appeared on the screen!

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You are aware that the Surface Pro tablets. One of these apps was an older version of Apple's Pages. Jan 6, 8: There was nothing methodical or theory based, they just gave it a go and reported "it worked".

I really doubt that this BT mouse functionality is working now much less working on your older iPad 4 with iOS 9. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

Unless its found in a code audit by developers and beta testers and trumped out as "proof" of some nefarious hidden objective. Sep 30, 4: The idevices obviously have the hardware to accept a mouse, and one can get it to work but has to go to brstack sources who are making a fortune out of Apple's apparent stuborness.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Ask a question Reset. User profile for user: I plugged the lightning port into my power slot on the bottom off my ipad ntstack plugged the USB chip from my Logitech Wireless mouse in the other end of the adapter.

Download "BTstack" | Cydia Crawler | download free

You are not btsrack to get this to work, at least for the forseeable future. Why don't the boffins use a modicom of common sense and do what the CUSOMER wants for a change, instead of bowing to the marketing directors. We know that Apple from time to time introduces code and descriptors for testing or possible future release. Helpful answers Helpful answers All replies.

They DO read the feedback. I am dying to have a mouse on my iPad and iPhone I just went to Walmart and bought exactly what you said.

BTstack Mouse for iPhone Updated to Support iPad | Redmond Pie

Sep 30, 3: The Hosts are reading posts that are reported to them as possible mouee of the Terms of Use. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Except in very rare circumstances, ipar people involved in design and development aren't reading here.

Use the Feedback link: And since Logitech is a very common brand and easily sourced. Then, do a single two finger tap on the keyboard area to fine tune the text selection.

How To: Use Bluetooth Mouse With iPad?

I personally don't wanna ruin my warranty so I stay far away from that method. If they decide that the post is in violation, they delete and send an email. I've been successfully using my Apple BT keyboard and Logitech mouse with my IPad 4 and I am very satisfied with the new-found abilities.

My iPad discovered the mouse right away and to my surprise, a cursor appeared on the screen! See my above post about that video being from Apple is not reading here. View answer in context. You can read more information here: Mar 14, 2: Jan 6, 9: In fact, they deleted another post I had made relating to how our entire firm wishes we had mouse or track pad support.

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